Useful apps and games for kids

We live in the age of the internet. Internet plays a major role in shaping our lives due to its influential properties. The younger generation that was born after 2008 has the privilege of the internet and modern technology like smartphones, tablets and so on. These kids are way smarter than we used to be and can also handle most gadgets with ease. While they’re using your phone or tablet to explore new technology, why not give them a treat by teaching them a thing or two while they’re at it. Here’s a list of useful apps and games that will teach your kids and also make sure they’re entertained.

1. Youtube Kids-

Released in 2015, Youtube Kids is a kid-friendly, toned down version of youtube that has all the kids related content. It offers a wide variety of content for young kids and also for teenagers. From cartoons to funny mom-child videos, Youtube Kids has a lot to offer and the best part is that you don’t have to dig a tunnel in your pockets, as it is free. Youtube Kids has no mature content and is meticulously made only for kids. It can be a great tool for parents to teach their kids an art form like drawing or clay modeling, using a wide variety of videos on Youtube Kids.  

2. Crazy Dino Park-

Dino Park is a fun game that lets players manage and set up a dino park like Jurassic Park but a lot cuter and animated. Players have to mine and search for dinosaur bones by digging into sites, then they need to arrange those bones like a jigsaw puzzle to build them into a lab. After that, the dino’s park space is built and it is then showcased to park visitors. The best part is that the dinosaurs can be upgraded and there are special dinos too that can only be hatched by rare eggs. The game is fun to play and very informative as it explores various aspects of paleontology, mining, and science. It can be a great tool to help children learn about dinosaurs in a non-monotonous way.

3. Duolingo-

Duolingo is a great app that helps users learn a second language. The process of learning a new language can be cumbersome but Duolingo makes it easy with both vocal and visual exercises and activities. It has various learning schedules that users can follow each day to learn something new from their selected foreign language. The app is a fun way to teach your kids a foreign language and can be a great tool to connect with your kids as the app can be used to learn a foreign language together.

4. Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens-

Thinkrolls series has a reputation for making great puzzle games. Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens is my favorite because it has a lot to offer. It has multiple logic and gravity puzzles that help users train their brain and teach your kids creative problem-solving. It can be a fun and challenging game that can be played together as a team or just by an individual. It can be a great tool for parents to teach their kids how to solve problems creatively and how to solve puzzles. 

5. Metamorphabet-

‘A for Apple’ and so on, has been our go-to example set to teach alphabets to kids. But I can say this with experience that this approach is outdated for modern kids and they find it as ‘B for Boring’. So in order to strike interest and teach kids about alphabets, Metamorphabet is a great tool. It is a visual treat to the eyes and will have a lasting impact on kids mind because it will most likely trigger their babyish imagination. It might seem weird at first but it is by far the most creative, brilliant and fun way to teach kids about alphabets.

6. Peek-a-Zoo

It’s magical how simple and subtle things can make such an impact on children. Peek-a-zoo is a single-screen app that is infant-friendly and surprisingly has a lot of depth for the kid to explore. This basic game involves the kid to identify the correct cartoon animal, based on a simple clue. The clue might be a sound or an emotion, an action or position. Once the correct answer (animal) is selected, a new screen appears showing a funny representation of that animal. This funny representation has a lasting impact on children because they’re hilarious and visually appealing.

7. Namoo-

There is no doubt in the fact that: ‘Mother nature is the best teacher in this universe.’ As a kid, I learned so many things from family trips to the woods and also from various summer camps that my school organized. For the ones who don’t have this privilege, Namoo is a great app to learn a lot about plants and nature from the comfort of your home. It can be a great tool if your kid’s summer camp gets canceled. I would still recommend you to teach your kids about nature in the wilderness but if that’s not possible, Namoo will do a good job.

8. Kodable-

Computer science can be a great career for your kid. From being a software developer to a computer systems analyst, the world of computer science and technology has a lot to offer. If your kid shows interest in the technical side of things, Kodable is a great app to start with. Kodable is a fun app that has a fun approach towards something as complex as coding. In the app users have to help the furry aliens through a maze and explore planet Smeeborg. It includes more 40 well-scripted lesson plans, more than 200 fun-filled activities and it natively supports and integrates Google classroom. Overall, it can be a great tool for your kids to learn coding and also help their furry alien buddies.

9. Monkey Word School Adventure-

Monkey Word School Adventure is a great tool to help kids master early-reading skills. The app guides their users seamlessly through various activities. Kids trace letters, solve rhyming mazes, find letters or words in various objects, spell words and have a fun learning experience with words. It has a multiple account support which gives parents the ability to add up to 3 kids accounts on the same app. Overall, it is a good early reading practice app that will help kids read better and faster.

10. Weather by Tinybop-

Weather by Tinybop is an informative, visually appealing, fun and useful tool that can be used to learn everything there is to know about weather and seasons. The app has various interactive and fun activities that users can do in order to learn anything and everything about the weather. It is a fun way to teach kids about the weather. There are various mini-games too that will keep them glued till the time they learn enough about the weather to start complaining about it each day like us, adults.

So this was our list of 10 useful apps and games that can help you teach your kids new things in life. As much as these apps are helpful, you must take note that spending quality time with your children is important. When they’ll grow up and move on with their life then, you might regret not spending enough time with them. So, spend some quality time with your children and teach them a thing or two about life and if your knowledge falls short, use these delightfully informative apps and games. If you have any suggestions or comments, drop them in the comments down below.  

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