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To travel is to escape from the mundane routine of 9 to 5. To travel is to explore what mother nature has to offer. To travel is to remind yourself how important time is. To travel is to keep your sanity in check. To travel is to pursue every adventure imaginably. Let’s just agree with the fact that: We all love to travel. Whether if it’s abroad to an unexplored continent or within our own country. The type of solace and adrenaline that travel offers, cannot be easily explained using mere words. Worldwide web or Internet of things has made travelling a lot more accessible and easier as compared to other time frames. So in order to make your next trip hassle-free, we’ve compiled a list of travel apps that you may want to use if you don’t want any roadblocks in your journey.

First things first, it is highly recommended to save a scanned copy of your identification documents like your Passport and driving license on the cloud and on your phone. You can use any cloud storage service/app like Google Drive or Dropbox or Onedrive etc. The entire purpose of doing this is to safeguard you in a situation of a disaster or if in case you lose your documents on the trip. Remember folks; “Safety is better than Cure, Always.”

1. Gogo Entertainment-

Gogo Entertainment is your companion entertainment app that will help you stay entertained on your flight. It is a nice alternative to airlines’ in-flight entertainment systems which are becoming a rare sight nowadays. It works in partnership with airlines entertainment app and lets you download movies, TV shows and music for free. I would advise you to download your airlines’ entertainment app and Gogo before you board the flight. You can start downloading, once you reach cruising altitude.


2. Google Maps-

Google Maps is widely popular as the best navigation app that one can have on their phone. It offers directions, gives suggestions of places to eat, ATMs, local attraction and a lot more. You can also choose your method of transportation which can be using public transport (bus or subway) or car, two-wheeler, or even on foot. The best part about using Google Maps is the option to download a particular region’s map for offline use. The data shown on the app is real-time data and it is safe to say that; you can never go wrong with Google maps.



3. Uber-

Uber is active in over 84 countries and 800 cities across the globe. It is the global leader of ridesharing apps. It is easy to use and its fares are mostly reasonable. Users can easily request a car directly within the app after going through an assortment of Different fares and vehicle offerings. After booking, you can directly call your Uber driver or track your cab’s location on your app. You can make easy payments using your credit card or e-wallet or even cash in some countries.


4. Airbnb-

Airbnb has gained some momentum in recent years. It has become more and more popular with backpack travellers and travellers who prefer a homely feel than a comfortable hotel room. Airbnb in easy words connects travellers with people who have rooms, apartments, or any other accommodation that they can rent to a traveller. Travellers can also opt for a family stay option if they want a homely feeling. Travellers can book an Airbnb for a few days or for as long as a month. Airbnb has options across the globe and is also popular for providing experiences, such as tours, classes, excursions, and workshops. In some countries, you can also use Airbnb for making reservations and bookings.

5. Google Translate-

When someone travels abroad to an unexplored continent, there is a probability that he/she may experience a language barrier. Enter Google Translate, a free app across all platforms that offer text translation between 103 languages and to 59 languages offline. It also has some additional features like a picture to text translation using google lens, and text to speech which can come in handy in most situations. It can handle conversations easily and helps in breaking language barriers without digging a hole in your wallet.


6. TripAdvisor-

TripAdvisor is like an encyclopedia for travellers. It is a go-to app for travellers seeking recommendations and reviews for places that they’re interested in. One can peruse millions of reviews, recommendations, opinions, videos, and photos pertaining to any and every part of your trip. From hotels to flight, from restaurants to local attraction and much more can be examined beforehand and users can make their own form of itinerary using the information from the app. The app’s “Near Me” feature can also come in handy if you wish to explore new things on your vacation. You can also add your reviews of places for other travellers.


7. XE Currency-

Let’s talk about money for a moment. Travelling abroad will also require you to convert your currency to some foreign currency that is local to your travel destination. While the American dollar is accepted across the globe, it is better to convert some money before you board your flight. XE Currency is one of the most useful currency conversion apps available on both Android and iOS. It shows real-time, live conversion rates for every world currency and precious metals. The best part is that it can store the most recent rates so users can access them even if they’re stranded on an island. It also has support for android and apple smartwatches.


8. PackPoint-

Packing can be a real pain the back for most people. With PackPoint that pain might vanish in thin air. PackPoint is a great app for people who hate the monotonous process of packing. PackPoint looks at the weather of your destination for your vacation dates and will ask for the activities that you’ll indulge in, like a corporate meeting or a pool party or paragliding or any other activity. It then offers a list of items that you should pack based on the weather of your destination, your activities, and general items that we usually forget to pack like an umbrella. Users can remove unnecessary items from the recommended list and can also share the list with fellow travellers, friends or family members.


9. Kayak-

Kayak is a swiss-knife of travel apps. It can do many things in just one easy to use app. Kayak searches for affordable rental cars, flights and hotel rooms to make your travel planning a lot easier. Kayak also has some exclusive deals and combos that are usually a hard find on other platforms. It is a great travel planning app that will be your perfect companion for all your travel adventures.


10. Citymapper-

Citymapper is a great app to find and use public transportation during your vacation. It connects with other ridesharing services and offers the fastest way to arrive at your destination. For a few cities update on subway and train timings is available offline to make the process a lot easier. It also has an alarming sort of feature which reminds you when you have to de-board the train or bus which comes in handy if you are a napper or when you are not familiar with public transport routes.


So this was our list of apps that make travelling a hassle-free experience. Other than apps, it is recommended to carry some form of self-defence instruments like a knife or a pepper spray because things can get shady at times. If you have any suggestions or comments, drop them in the comments down below.

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