Top 30 Productivity Apps

In recent times, we’ve started working harder to achieve our goals. Be it in any field, everyone is hustling for that promotion or that good quarter or for that A grade and whatsoever their reason is. But with technology impacting our lives completely and with all the great content which is available on the web, it becomes difficult to focus and channel all our energy in one direction. So in order to reach your goals on time and to maintain that hustle life, we’ve compiled 30 great productivity apps that will help you in that hustle life.

1. Tide-

Music is an amazing way to express your emotions. Music has been around for centuries and it has also been used as a tool to help people sleep in the form of a lullaby or to help them focus like tribal music. Tide works in a similar way and allows users to either focus, sleep or breathe with 3 of its modes with these names. It also boosts productivity as the music played in these modes helps the user stay calm and helps them to focus in a better way. The other 2 modes, breathe and sleep can be used to help user meditate and sleep for longer than usual duration. I have personally used this app and it has helped me maintain a healthy sleeping pattern.

2. Texpand-

Let’s just agree with the fact that-
We all have a love and hate relationship with emails. Emails play such a significant role in our lives most of us check our emails first thing in the morning. Constantly replying to a particular set of emails which basically require the same revert can be irritating. Texpand is here to save the day. It is a free app that allows users to create abbreviations for phrases or a particular set of reply. For example- If you share your social media handles a lot, you can easily set up an abbreviation for the same using texpand. So next time when you have to share that piece of information, all you need to do is type in that abbreviation and a pop up will show up and you’ll easily be able to send that piece of information.

3. Clipboard action-

We all copy and paste a lot of things on our smartphones. But the issue is that it remembers only the last thing that you copied on your clipboard. Clipboard action is such a handy app to fix this. It lets users keep a record of all things copied and all screenshots that one takes. It also allows users to take many actions like share, translate, search etc right from the app. It also allows users to block data copy from sensitive data apps.

4. Offtime-

Let’s be honest for a minute here and accept the fact that we’re all guilty of spending more time on our phone than working. Well, if you’re like me who’s always on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, Offtime will help you focus more on your work and less on your phone. It allows users to set a time frame in which the app will function and during that time, the app won’t let you launch any of your phone’s app. It instantly kills the app that you might try to launch and also displays funny and quirky replies if you persist. It also lets users block incoming calls and messages. A user can set some apps that they can still use and there are many profiles that will add various layers of difficulties in disabling the app to help you focus. It is a great app to help you cut your on-phone time and will definitely boost your productivity.

5. Smarter time-

Google launched digital wellbeing with Android Pie. It is a great feature that tracks users’ app usage and shows a record of app usage patterns of users. Luckily for all non-Android Pie devices, Smarter time works similarly. It runs in the background and keeps a record of users’ app usage patterns and also gives them an option to remind them to cut down on their addictive app.

6. Slack-

It’s like any other mobile texting app but with some useful features up its sleeve. Well for starters, unlike WhatsApp it is built entirely for team communication. It works great in group chats which are called channels in Slack. It integrates perfectly with 3rd party productivity app like Trello. You can also make and customize your in-app assistant called slack bot to remind you about upcoming events like meetings, birthdays etc.

7. Trello-

Do you work in a team? If your answer is yes, then Trello is the perfect project collaboration tool for you. Take it as a digital version of office sticky notes which have additional helpful features like search option, reminders, share option and so on. Users can share a common digital workspace in which different user can work on their own lists and also collaborate with other team members in real time to reach a common goal. It can also be used by students, artists, and others to manage workflow and to finish tasks effectively and efficiently.

8. AXEL-

It is a great app to switch between data of your different devices. You can access all your files from any device by using this app. Suppose you are working on an assignment which requires a file which is on your home computer. With AXEL you can just access the file from your office system and get work done. You can also share these files with your contacts or as a link. You can also download the files for situations where the source system would be offline.

9. Codeanywhere-

As the name suggests the app lets you code from any device at any point of time. It is available across multiple platforms and can be a great tool to maintain a smooth workflow and to make omissions in code on the go. It can also sync with Dropbox or Google drive so you can have a backup of all your code.

10. Flynx-

If you’re someone like me who uses their phone to get news and information, Flynx browser is tailor-made for you. It is a great browser that focuses on people who use web browsers to get information. It opens new tabs in the background which allows users to continue reading the article they’re on. It also has various gestures like a flick to close and others to make web browsing a lot more easy and intuitive. There is also an offline mode to enjoy articles while you’re stranded on an island.

11. Airtable-

It is as simple as a spreadsheet but with so many options. It is a great tool for people who manage big chunks of work or special individuals like celebrities or athletes. The table can be sorted on the basis of priority and one can also directly add links and images into the table. A user can even create and share a form and all the responses will go straight to your airtable. It can be a great tool for an individual or even for a team as airtable allows easy and smooth collaboration with other users.

12. LastPass Password Manager-

Here’s the deal:

With Facebook’s data leak and growing concern of digital data protection, it is important to have a secure and safe password. LastPass is a great app to store and manage all your passwords. It easily lets users add and manage passwords from various websites. It is also encrypted which ensures that hackers won’t come anywhere close to your passwords. It also helps in generating secure and safe passwords to add an extra layer of protection.

13. aTimeLogger-

There are 1440 minutes in a day. An average person spends about 500 minutes sleeping, 100 minutes in commuting and another 500 minutes in a 9to5 job. Add to it dining time and other miscellaneous activity times and a person is left with only 240 minutes. Time is always running and it is very precious. aTimeLogger tracks usage of its users and also recommends users different timetables to follow which are tried and tested by researchers across the globe. It is a great app for people who love organizing things and also for people who are running late. This app will help you manage and organize the time to your advantage and help you become a better version of yourself.


This app lets you assign tasks or activities with a deadline. It also lets you add people, alarms, location, and comments to your tasks. It also has a web plugin and a dedicated website to keep a check on your tasks on the go.


It is a keyboard made by Google with AI and smart features like in keyboard search, swipe to type, themes, reachability, machine learning for predictive text and what not. It promises effective and efficient typing experience and for me personally, it has been an amazing tool.


An app that acts as a journal and keeps a record of your feelings. Let’s just agree with the fact that we live a fast-paced life. Fast paced lifestyle can be good for restless people but it also takes a toll on your mental health. According to recent reports, people are more depressed nowadays and it’s also taking a toll on younger individuals. In order to keep your mental health in check and to vent all your emotions that you cannot share with anyone, let me introduce you to Daylio. Daylio is a great app which I’ve been personally using for a year now. It allows users to choose a mood at the end of the day as to how they feel about that day. Users can also add notes to make it easier for them to keep a track of their feelings and mood. The app also gives you a statistical analysis of your entries which you can share with your therapist if you want. Overall, it is a great app to keep your feelings in check and to ensure better mental health.

17.Telegram X-

It is an end to end encrypted messaging app that is secure and has some features up its sleeve. It has picture in picture mode, fresh user interface, trendy stickers, good quality video and voice call and other features which can serve users well when needed.


It is a collaborative page editor. It is a great tool to work with teams and individuals to collaborate and get work done. It has a clean user interface and it has great tools that aid a lot of different types of users.


Great for podcasts. Podcasts are a great quality to gather information and knowledge about various things from experts of the field. The best thing about podcasts is that it can be listened to at any point of time. There are many native podcast apps like google podcasts or apple podcasts but castbox is a better alternative because of its amazing feature set including sound boost, noise reduction etc.


We all swipe our notifications panel multiple times in a day. Nitin lets users add notes in notifications panel and reminds users to get work done. It is a great tool for people who like to get reminded about things and who procrastinate all the time.


It is a great app to organize your ideas and thoughts in a more systematic way. It has a round bubble user interface which works well when users are jotting down their ideas and thoughts. This app can be a miracle for creative professionals as it will help them organize and manage their creative ideas. It can also work well for other people to keep a track of their thoughts and ideas. It is available on both Android and iOS and is free to download.

22. Automate

With automate, users can create multi-step workflow integrations between multiple apps. These integrations are called bots and users can create a one-step bot or a multi-strap bot to help smoothen workflow. The user interface is easy to use and can make things a lot easier to manage.

23. Forest-

It is a timer app which grows a virtual tree during your timer duration. It lets users focus more on productivity by not allowing them to kill their virtual tree. It can also be used for a group where team members would collaborate to work together and build a nice virtual forest by not unlocking their phones during the timer and working hard to save their trees. It also has a web extension and smartwatch extension.

24. IFTTT-

IFTTT or If This Then That is a great app to make a custom set of a trigger to action app functions called applets. For example, you can create an applet in which you add in your office or school or college location and set a timer during which you want your phone to be set on vibration mode. Once you reach that location, IFTTT will automatically switch your phone to vibration mode and complete that applet. It can be a great tool to get the most out of your smartphone features and apps.

25. In Fact-

We live in a time frame where information is one button away. In Fact is a great app which shows you random facts and quotes which you can use in your presentations or in between conversations. It is designed really well and serves perfectly to get facts and quotes on the go.

26. Pocket-

Let’s be honest for a moment here:
We all love using our phones for browsing, Netflix, Youtube, online shopping and what not. We also like to gather news on the go from our mobile phones and sometimes we might miss out on a few things while we are in a hurry. For that situations, Pocket comes in and allows users to save an online article or news piece and read it later on. Users can also read it offline which makes it even better.

27. Dropbox Paper-

It is a great collaborative tool which you can use for projects and assignments. It is a free app that lets users collaborate and coordinate for various tasks and activities. It is a great tool and I personally use it when I’m working with my team on various tasks.

28. Expensify-

This app allows users to keep a track of your expenses. It also provides statistics on money spent on various items like food, travel, shopping etc. It is a nice tool to keep track of your expenses and to keep a check on your impulse shopping habits.


We are all familiar with Airbnb. It is a great app which allows users to rent an apartment or a small studio for a night or for days at stretch. Breather is just that but it allows users to rent an office space instead. It can be a great tool if you’re looking for a new location to shoot or present your new product to prospective clients. I personally used it recently when I was need of a workstation for a day in New York. This app works like magic and saves so much of your time and money.

30. Things 3-

It is a very popular app amongst iOS users due to its clean design and great feature set. It is great to do, task manager app that allows users to make lists, reminders, plans, and checklists to plan things ahead of time. It makes lists in a chronological order for ease of use. It has a fresh user interface and overall it’s a great tool to have if you’re an iOS user and wish to be more productive.

With that, we finish our list of 30 great productivity apps that’ll help you with your hustle life. If you have any app recommendations or suggestions, drop us a comment and don’t forget to share this article with your collegues and friends.

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