[Solved] 3G / EDGE Stops Working On iPhone 3Gs / 3G

This afternoon my EDGE on my iPhone 3Gs stopped working. I checked the APN settings, checked whether 3G or other settings are turned on. Everything seemed fine, but the EDGE was not working.


I rebooted my phone using SB Settings, but it did not work. In this article I will share with you how I fixed it.

This probably started when the battery of my phone got too low (around 3 %) this morning. I charges the phone to full 100 % using the wall charger. I am assuming that low battery might have turned off /disabled EDGE for battery Saving. I checked whether 3G was enabled or not, i checked the APN settings on my iPhone, I checked Network connection settings, it also looked fine.

Later I realized that re-booting from SB Settings was actually a soft boot (in which the power is not cut off completely, just a restart of the firmware takes place). A soft re-boot might not be enough to bring back the 3G/EDGE to turn on again when the battery was even full.

Finally I rebooted using the power button on the top of the iPhone and it was completely tuned off. I restarted the iPhone after 10 seconds and everything was fine again. I can now access my EDGE / 3G network without any problems 🙂

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