How to solve bad phone buttons?

Phone Buttons. Round, tactile, sturdy, textured, colored, meshed, all buttons make our lives easier and more functional in one way or the other. But what if one of your phone’s buttons stopped working? And what if it’s your power or wake up button? No need to worry, because today I’ll be showing you how you can solve bad phone buttons like an easy math problem.

1. Check the button-

In most scenarios, the button stops working or works in an unfamiliar manner when the hardware of the button is either damaged or out of place. In this case, take your phone to a repair center and get it fixed. If it is just a minor button ribbon cable problem, it will be fixed quickly and at a minimal cost. But if its a broken button and you own a flagship, you can use software to disable the button and use an alternative for that button.

2. Use Button mapper app-

If you use an Android device this method will work but if you use any other OS device, you’ll be well of with other methods. Button Mapper is a free app developed by xda developers to solve the problem of bad buttons. All it requires is accessibility settings permissions on your Android device. In the app, you can customize how the button reacts to various inputs like double tap or long press.  

You also get an option to disable the button completely. It also enables you to choose between various types of tasks to toggle when you use button input in a particular manner. For me, it worked like magic when my Mi A1  encountered a volume up button problem. I wasn’t able to reduce my phone’s volume as the volume up button was working in a weird manner. I disabled the button using button mapper and it worked out really well for me.

3. Use software based gestures or inputs-

If your power button stops working, you can resort to the phone’s software to enable various gestures and tap inputs to get away from this disability. You can use double tap to wake up or turn the screen off, you can use arrow gesture on your phone to increase the volume and so on.

4. Use an external button-

You can use an external button or buttons to use your phone in case its hardware buttons stop working. You can purchase an inexpensive 3.5mm jack button to replace your power button or any other bad button. You can use this button by adding it to button mapper and remapping it to act as a power button. If for some reason, you carry a Bluetooth enabled keyboard with your phone at all times, you can remap any of the keyboard buttons to act like your phone’s button. But using this keyboard method will require a rooted device and we don’t recommend rooting a new or partially old android device.

Here’s the deal:

If any of your phone’s button starts to act weird all of a sudden, use any of these above-mentioned methods. But if you want to safeguard your beautiful and precious new phone, buy insurance! Trust me, it helps!

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