Our Favorite Apps of 2018

2018 was a learning experience for me. I saw many ups and down in both my personal and professional life but at the end of it, I am wiser, experienced and more careful of all my actions. 2018 also saw a surge in smartphone releases. There were many great budget options and many flagships offerings even crossed 1200-1500$. For apps, like every year, millions of new apps hit the app store on iOS and Play Store on Android. From these millions of great or bad apps, here is a list of useful apps that we personally enjoyed this year and will continue moving forward.

1. Walli-

Let’s start the list with our favorite wallpaper app. Walli is a great app that looks really well on almost every type of display of a smartphone. On my Note 9, the 4k wallpapers look great and make my phone experience a lot more worthwhile. The app offers tonnes and tonnes of high-quality wallpapers and users can also like and follow various wallpaper authors. The app also allows users to set the wallpaper in either square or tall and it also lets users download the wallpapers from the app. It also drops in some small and subtle expressions and gives full credit to the creators of the wallpaper. The wallpapers are great and look really good on all types of smartphone screens.

2. G-Board

My favorite keyboard from 2018 has to be GBoard from Google. It has everything that you one wants in a keyboard. From customization options to excellent predictive text, from gif support to in-keyboard search bar, GBoard is feature packed and has a lot of great features that many keyboards lack. If you own a big phone and want to type with one hand, no problem GBoard’s got your back as you can customize the size of your keyboard to suit your needs. GBoard is my favorite keyboard and I highly recommend it to users who want most out of their keyboards and don’t want to compromise on useful features.

3. CastBox-

2018 was also the year of podcast craze. Many notable personalities or celebrities featured on or started their own podcasts. I started listening podcasts during July of this year and I have used many apps to stream and download my podcasts but the one that won my little competition was CastBox. CastBox is simple and to the point podcast app which has almost every podcast from around the globe. Its notifications system is perfect as it pings the moment a new podcast is released. The app interface is clean and easy to navigate. Castbox also has a premium version with some extra features but the free version that I use is no slouch either. I highly recommend Castbox as a podcast app because of its clean interface, podcast offerings and simplicity in downloads and notifications. It is a wonderful app if you want to start off with podcasts.   

4. Express VPN

Virtual Private Network or VPN can be a lifesaver if you’re a little paranoid and assume that hackers can easily acquire your precious data. VPNs work well if you’re connected to public Wifi of a subway or cafe. I started using VPN services this year on my trip to Boston and Express Vpn was my first and final choice. It is easy to set up and unlike other VPN services, the data speeds are not severely affected. It offers many virtual networks which users can access and it’s easy to navigate interface makes it a no-brainer recommendation.


5. LastPass password manager-

Do you ever get stuck in a situation when you can’t remember your password? I frequently get stuck and sometimes I even have to go through the forgot password section to change the password altogether. Well, if you’re like me, LastPass will be a lifesaver for you. It is a little premium but it is worth it. It manages passwords and important information of users into its secured servers. It is well encrypted and provides users an option to generate a secure password for them. The app is easy to use and can be a great tool to remember your passwords and to also add another layer of protection to your sensitive information.  

6. Alarmy (Sleep if you can)

This year I was having some issues with waking up. I tried all sorts of things but all efforts were futile. I stumbled upon Alarmy when I was experimenting with my alarms and I haven’t stopped using it ever since. Alarmy has a simple purpose and that is make waking up a little difficult by making users complete a challenge or puzzle before the alarm goes off. It is really effective against snoozers like me and all the new skills that I have acquired by waking up on time and making time is all because of Alarmy.  

7. Daylio

I cannot recommend this app enough. Daylio is a life-tracking app that is used to keep a record of moods, feelings, and activities. It allows users to add a record of their day in the form of a mood (awesome, good, average, meh, awful etc). It also adds a layer of customization by allowing users to add activities and moods to make it more personal. It is a color-coded app and provides various pie charts and graphs to show a record of users’ emotions and feelings. I personally started using the app this year and I used it to keep a track of my feelings and moods. This app is also recommended by my therapist and we both use this app as a tool to keep my mental health in check.

8. TickTick

An under-rated to-do list app which is really useful in real-world situations. It is feature packed and offers a lot for a to-do list app. It covers all the basics like recurring tasks, reminders, pushes notifications and so on. It is great for group use, as it allows users to share entire categories of lists and tasks with other users. So, if you’re a mother who’d like to send a grocery list to your child, you can do just that with TickTick. It also has third-party app support like Trello and Todoist to name a few. It is a perfect balance of being functional as well as easy to use and offers most of its important features for free.

9. Hopper

Hopper is a straightforward app. It is an app which helps users find low priced hotel rooms and flights. The app has some wizardly predictive capabilities as it predicts prices a year in advance for its users. It can monitor dates, flight, and hotel rooms and notify users when the most suitable price is available for booking. It is a must-have if you are a frequent traveler as you can save quite a lot on your flight tickets when using this app. I personally saved 300$ on my flight to Tokyo by using Hopper. The money you that you save while booking flights and hotel rooms, can be used for shopping or to experience more adventures on your vacation. 

10. Files Go-

This files manager app from Google is a life saver for all Android folks out there. It is easy to use, effective and works as it is advertised. It recognizes duplicate items, cached data, unused app, and other extra files and recommends users to clean their phone a bit every now and then. It also segregates files on the basis of their type like videos, images, documents and so on. Files Go is a great app from Google’s native ap arsenal and it is my top recommendation for files management and also as a cleaning tool for your Android smartphone.


So this was our list of top apps from 2018. We will also be sharing a list of our favourite games this year in another article soo. Like always, if you have any suggestions for us, drop them in the comments down below.

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