More Apps that boost productivity

Productivity is best described as a number of measures that an individual takes in order to increase efficiency in production. Productivity is a crucial factor for the success of an individual and its firm/venture. We have discussed productivity in the past and have also mentioned a bunch of apps that users can use in order to boost productivity. In this article, we’ll add to that list and feature more apps that users can use in order to boost their productivity and achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Here’s a list of more productivity apps that you should be using to get more productive-


1. Canva

Canva is an easy to use designing app that allows users to create social media assets like Instagram stories, YouTube thumbnails and much more. It is easy to use and has a whole host of templates that users can utilize. Users also have an option to create their own designs from scratch. It is a freemium app which means that the basic app comes for free but users get an option to purchase particular templates or premium version of the app separately. The app provides complete control over designs and users can also create assets like posters, business cards and so on, using just the app.  

2. Template Manager

Corporate life or even life in college revolves around emails. A lot of us work out of emails and have to send many emails on a routine basis. Most of these emails are repetitive and have a similar format. For these type of emails, Template Manager comes in. Template Manager helps users create custom templates for their emails that they can re-use in future. The process of creating a new template is fairly easy and users get full control over their templates. Users can also set a custom keyboard shortcut to access their templates which makes them easier to access and use.

3. Shortcuts

Shortcuts is my favorite tool for automation on iOS. It helps me simplify my life by automating a lot of my routine tasks. Shortcuts easily manage and operates these predefined tasks with the help of Siri. It has over 300+ built-in tasks for users including all the apps that support Siri shortcuts. The app is fairly easy to use and can easily be launched using Siri commands or from today widget. The app saves a lot of time as it automates a whole bunch of commands for its users.

4. Habitify

In the modern age, the famous phrase of ‘Manners maketh a man’ has changed to ‘Habits maketh a man’. Habits are what defines an individual and it can be either a hurdle or a helper for productivity. Habitify helps users to track their habits and keep a record of their progress. It is a little difficult in the beginning but once the user gets familiar with the app, the overall experience becomes a lot more rewarding. The app can be used by almost anyone who wishes to incorporate new habits in their life and needs a way to keep a track of their habits for best possible results.

5. Audible

Audible has changed the way I commute forever. Audible, a service by Amazon is an audiobook platform that allows users to listen to exclusive and popular audiobooks. Anyone with an Amazon Prime account can try audible for free for 30 days and then opt for a prepaid plan or a recurring plan. The benefits of a recurring plan outweigh the prepaid plan though. Audible is an easy way to gather information for books if you’re someone like me who does not have enough time to sit back and read a book. It makes reading easier and users can learn a lot by listening when they’re doing routine mundane tasks like exercise, driving, commuting by the subway, etc.

6. Taskade

Taskade is a perfect canvas for people who think a lot and brainstorm a whole bunch of ideas on a regular basis. The app lets users organize ideas in the form of lists and tasks which they can later share with a team to make it happen. The user interface of the app is friendly and each team member can make changes on the app in real time. Users also get a wide range of features which they can utilize in order to achieve their common goal. This app is a perfect tool to pen down your ideas and to turn them into reality by collaborating with like-minded people.   

7. Remente

The App Store description of the app reads: ‘Remente is a system of tools and insights to help you lead a richer, happier and healthier life, based on how the brain works and performs. Maintain focus and direction while managing stress and work-life balance, all in one app.’ In practice, the app performs everything that it boasts about. It is like a life guru but the guru can fit in your jeans’ pockets. The tools of this app are powerful and the techniques that the app suggests are helpful in most real-life scenarios. Users can make the most out of this app by exercising on the app on how to manage stress, sleep, relationships, how to increase productivity and be more mindful.

8. Sorted³

Sorted³ helps users create a schedule for their events, tasks and add richly formatted notes into a beautiful timeline. Unlike other time management apps, it follows a timeline and helps users create meticulously planned schedules. It helps users sort out their lives and help them to become more systematic and productive.

9. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a simple and to the point to-do list and task manager app that helps users to get stuff done. Whether a user intends to share a grocery list with a loved one, or work on a project, or plan a vacation with friends and family, Wunderlist makes it possible. Users get the ability to easily capture, share and complete their to-do lists with their family and friends. Wunderlist works cross-platform which means that it instantly syncs between a user’s phone, tablet, and computer, so they can access their to-dos from any device and at any point in time.

10. VNC Viewer

Saving the best for last, VNC Viewer is a great app if you’re someone like me who is always on the move. VNC Viewer allows users to control their Mac, Windows or Linux desktop computer remotely by using the app on your phone. It is a godsend if you want to procure a file from your home desktop and in other similar situations. VNC Viewer is a free to download app that lets users convert their phone into a mouse and keyboard of their desktop. Overall, the app is really useful for corporates, artists and students alike.

So, this was our list of more apps that promote productivity. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, drop us a comment down below.  


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