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Creativity is not something that users can learn and master overnight. Instead, it is a continuous process that a creator must undergo in order to create something that gives the creator the amount of satisfaction that he or she deserves. Everyone has a different creative process. For some people, the creative process can be as simple as spending quality time with themselves and for others, it could be something complex. Each creator struggles with his / her creative process, almost on a routine basis. Well, I cannot personally help you figure out a solution for the hurdles that you might come across when you are creating something but what I can do is recommend you same as that might help you with your creative process. Here is a list of apps that you might want to use in order to get a smoother and more functional creative process.



Over is a great app for individuals who are into social media marketing. It allows users to create custom images which can be a pamphlet or an ad or anything that the user wishes to create. It can be a great tool for people who use an image-based platform like Instagram to promote their brand on a regular basis. I recently used Over for a campaign for an online brand and my clients were very happy with the response that was brought in due to this app.


Vectornator allows users to create unique and visually appealing vector images. Unlike other apps, it allows users to adjust individual vector points which gives them more freedom while designing. Vectornator has a lot of tools and features that allow users to improve their designing skills effectively and efficiently. My designer friends recommend this app due to its simplicity and level of control that this app provides. 


Amaziograph is an amazing app that allows users to draw mandalas and kaleidoscopes very easily. I personally use this app when I want to doodle. It is a very basic app but if used correctly, it can help users create some stunning designs and illustrations. I personally use this app when I wish to give a canvas for my thoughts and ideas. For me, the app serves the purpose of art therapy and users can use it in this manner as well. 


Quik is a video editing app that is developed by action cameras king ‘GoPro’. It allows users to add photos and videos into the app and edit them quickly. It is a free app that allows users to create wonderful small videos for their social media. I personally use this app to create quick small videos for my Instagram if I have shot the video on my GoPro.


Concepts is a vector drawing program with all kinds of different writing tools. It allows users to draw freely and then save these images as a vector file, which can be stretched to any size. The only downside to this app is that users are unable to manipulate individual keyframes but other than that, it is a really good and powerful app for illustrators and artists. My designer friends use this app professionally and it has never failed them to date. 

Premiere Rush

Adobe’s Premiere Pro has a reputation for providing one of the best video editing tools for both beginners and professionals. Adobe’s Premiere Rush is a perfect tool for beginners who want to learn how to edit videos easily and quickly. This app is aimed at independent content creators like YouTubers and bloggers who are on the go, creating content. It is a part of Adobe creative cloud apps and must be purchased but in my opinion, it is worth the money.

Lightroom CC

Adobe’s Lightroom is a powerful software which allows users to edit a group of photographs at the same time. The mobile version of Lightroom is equally capable and if users use it on an iPad, they can make the most out of their apple pencil. Lightroom is available for free on both Android and IOS and allows users to edit photos on the fly and help them step up their social media game. I personally edit my photos using Lightroom on my iPad with the help of my Apple pencil. The entire experience of using an iPad to edit photos is seamless and fun even if it doesn’t feel natural at first. 


Procreate allows users to draw using a whole bunch of brushes with different strokes. Users also have an option to create their own brush inside the app. It is a really great app as it allows users to create attractive and unique designs with easy to understand app interface and a whole bunch of customization options. I’d recommend it to iOS users especially because the end result or the graphic that users would create on the app would look stunning on an OLED panel of current generation iPhones and iPads. 


Skillshare design online learning platform which allows users to take video classes from experts of a field. Skillshare is relatively cheap and has many promotional schemes from time to time. Users can take classes from skillshare and can help learn or improve a skill. Thousands of classes from numerous professionals are offered on the platform and users get access to all these classes when they pay on an interval basis (monthly) or all at once (annually). In many cases, skillshare offers free one or two months of free premium subscription if new users use an affiliate link of a creator. After their free subscription is over, users can subscribe to the platform by paying monthly or annually. I personally use skillshare to improve my video editing skills by taking classes of video transitions and after effects. I recommend paying annually if you’re serious as it helps users save money which they can later use to get some new equipment or gear to facilitate their learning experience. 

Hype Type

Hype type is that one app that can single-handedly step up your Instagram game. It allows users to create custom photo and video stories that they can upload to their Instagram account. It can be used by social media managers and also by individual content creators in order to uniquely promote their product or service on Instagram and Snapchat. Hype type is my go to App to create custom photo and video stories for my Instagram account.

So this was our list of more creative apps that creators can utilize in order to be more efficient or to learn a new skill or to just promote their content uniquely. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, drop them in the comments down below. 

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