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Learning is a continuous process. In this highly competitive day and age, it is important to stand out with a skill set that is dynamic and creative. But in our fast-paced lives, we often forget the importance of change and why it’s important to adapt ourselves to changing environments and situations. So in order to learn more in our fast-paced, busy lives, here is a list of apps that will help you learn new skills on the go.

1. Coursera-

Here’s the deal:

You can still go to college while you’re working a 9to5 job. With Coursera, college classes are easily accessible. With over 2000+ courses from 140+ best colleges of the world, learning has never been this accessible and efficient. Coursera offers free registration and trials and an option to subscribe to a specialization or pay per course that you wish to take. With what Coursera has to offer, it becomes an easy tool for people to utilize in order to learn, adapt and evolve themselves both professionally and personally.


2. Goodreads-

Books are still the best and cheapest way you can acquire knowledge. But with a gazillion books and e-books to choose from, people often get confused as to which book is best suited for them. With Goodreads, you’re getting a book club at your fingertips. A book club that has over 40 million+ users to help you choose the most suitable book for you. You can also scan the book from the app and ask the community for a quick review and suggestions.



3. Castbox and Podcasts-

Podcasts are defined as- “a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a wide array of devices like computers, tablets, smartphones etc, typically available as a series, new episodes, seasons if which can be received by subscribers.” Podcasts are a great tool to utilize when you’re driving back home or taking a subway or when you’re free. The podcast duration can be as small as 4 minutes to as long as an hour or more. With more and more inspiring content creators emerging like Gary Vee and Jay Shetty, it is easier to get inspired and keep hustling and also learn a life skill or quality while you’re at it.  Castbox is my go-to app for podcasts but there are many other podcast apps like Google podcasts and Apple podcasts that you can use instead.   


4. InFact-

We live in an age where we are blessed with Technology. With internet technology, comes an ocean full of information and content that we can consume and learn from. The Internet is the one place that we go to when we seek information or remedy to a problem. When we’re so engrossed on the internet, why not learn a few facts and browse some news while we’re at it. In Fact, does just that by offering useful pictorial facts that can come in really handy to strike a conversation or when you’re stuck on a question on who wants to be a millionaire. In Fact is a great tool to get your daily dose of news and some random facts that come in handy in various situations.

5. TED-

TED is a popular non-profit organization that is widely popular for its TEDx events in which speakers share their ideas and stories. TEDx talks are a bliss to attend and one can get to learn a lot from speakers’ stories and other attendees. TED app is an amalgamation of inspiring and insightful articles, TED talks, Videos and much more. Users can also download the articles and other media to consume when they’re offline. TED has a great variety of content from which you can learn a handful of things only if you pay attention.  

6. Lumosity-

When you feel that you’re not in shape or when you want to work on those biceps, you hit the gym, don’t you? Well, what if your brain is also a muscle which needs some exercise to perform more efficiently and effectively. In that case, consider Lumosity has meticulously crafted exercises and games that will enhance your brain’s performance and will significantly improve your workflow. These pieces of training, games, and exercises are curated by the best scientists and researchers and with a wide array of workout modes and brain games, Lumosity should be your go-to brain train app.


7. Curious-

When we were an infant, we were curious to know anything and everything that was around us. Yes, there were sometimes when we were oblivious and did not care about anything but we were very curious to know about everything at other times. Curious app feeds that curiosity for adults and teenagers. It teaches users various life skills which can be very useful in many situations. Curious helps users become more life-smart as it focuses solely on life skills like how to relax in difficult situations or how to be more productive, to name a few. It is a great app to become more smart life-wise and is a great tool for people who want to step up and do something good for their skills set.


8. Slideshare-

Slideshare was initially started to create a platform for business professionals to share slides and powerpoint presentations with one another. After its acquisition by LinkedIn, it has become a lot more than just a slide sharing platform. Users can easily browse through various slides and presentations that are informational and helpful. These slides and presentations are created by experts in the field and are curated in order to reach a mass audience and to have a lasting impact on them. Slideshare can be a great tool to get presentation ideas and also for information about a lot of things other than what you were looking for.


9. Mimo-

‘Mimo’ as quirky and funny it may sound, is a great app for users who want to learn how to code. The app has over 3 million users and provides a custom learning schedule to meet users needs. Users can learn various coding languages like Python, C#, C++, JavaScript, HTML, Ruby, Git, Kotlin and much more. Users can learn from scratch and eventually end up making their own apps, websites, games, and whatnot. Mimo is a great tool for people who are enthusiastic about coding and the ones who want to evolve their skills set.   


10. Youtube-

That’s right. Youtube. Youtube is a lot more than just a TV replacement. It has hundreds of thousands of videos which are not only entertaining but also informative. Youtube has a whole host of video tutorials in multiple languages that can help you acquire a new skill. From sewing to graphic designing, anything is easy to learn if you follow step by step tutorials on Youtube. Moreover, there are also many informative channels that can help you gain more knowledge on the go, thanks to its download option. Youtube is also user-friendly which can come in handy if you want to teach a skill to a child or teenager.


This was our list of apps that will help you learn on the move. I hope that these apps help you learn or improve a set of skills that you always wanted at your disposal. If you have any suggestions or comments, drop them in the comments down below.  




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