How to survive 9 to 5 using apps and games

Working in a corporate job or living that hamster life can be difficult for most of us. With your colleagues not willing to socialize, it can get mundane and robotic really soon. In order to keep your sanity in check and to learn a bunch of new things, here is a list of apps and games that would help you cope up with the stressful life of a 9 to 5. Here’s the list-



We have mentioned Daylio before in many of our articles. It is a mood and feelings tracker app that allows users to add a small highlight of their day and mark it with custom made tags of feelings and emotions. The main idea behind doing this is to record and keep a track of one’s feelings and mood. The app is also smart enough to show statistical data of users entries only if they regularly add highlights to the app. My therapist also recommends this app as we both use this app to keep my mental health in check.


Crazy Dino Park

Crazy Dino Park is a simple yet visually attractive game that allows users to manage and operate crazy Dino Park like in the movie Jurassic Park. With an exception that the dinosaurs in this game are cartoonish and cute. The game has various elements which make the entire gameplay casual and fun. And most importantly, there is no harm in learning something new about dinosaurs.


Netflix has come a long way from being a rental service to an online streaming behemoth. Netflix in its current state has numerous original titles to offer including the likes of sex education, sacred games, Narcos, You and many more. It also has a whole bunch of licensed content from other broadcasters and studios which can also be accessed by users when they pay the subscription fee. Netflix is not free because of many reasons but in my opinion, it is worth every single cent that it asks for. To get the most out of your Netflix app, download the content that you want to watch and enable smart download feature.

Meme generator

Who doesn’t like memes? In my opinion, memes are one of the reasons why a platform like Facebook still exists. Memes are the reason why a platform like Reddit became mainstream. Meme generator is free to download and it allows users to make memes out of numerous in-app meme layouts and formats. Users get a lot of tools for customization and using those, they can create their own memes featuring themselves or their pets. It is a wonderful app which can also help you socialize in your office and if not so, you’d probably end up spending some happy time in the meme world.


YouTube for me is a go-to app for entertainment, learning, and much more. The best part about YouTube is that it is free and accessible from almost every electronic device. YouTube’s favorite feature is the download feature that allows users to download videos offline so that they can watch them whenever they want. I personally watch almost all types of content that are uploaded on YouTube. YouTube can make the perfect lunch break treat or a companion for your subway ride to work.


Skillshare is an online learning platform which allows users to take classes in order to learn a new skill or to improve on their own skills. It is a great tool to utilize during your lunch breaks as users can opt-in for small classes or can take skillshare classes in part in order to learn a new skill. With innumerable classes to choose from, Skillshare has something to offer for everyone and users can learn at their own pace. For me, I have used skillshare to learn more about digital marketing and SEO which has helped me improve as a content creator.  


If you are creative and have restricted your creative wings because of your corporate job, Evernote can be your perfect escape. Evernote is a popular freemium note-taking app that is used by people across the globe to manage their work and creative projects. Users can use it to showcase their creative side by doodling or penning their thoughts and emotions in a poem. Evernote has multiple useful tools that which they can utilize while expressing their emotions in the form of doodles or sketches. Evernote is free but paying for some services would unlock many more features that users would love to use.


If you don’t know about Player’s Unknown Battle Ground or PUBG, you are either living an ignorant life or living a life under a rock. PUBG is a global phenomenon which allows users to play the battle royale game on their phone. Battle Royale game is an action-packed game set in a post-apocalyptic type of world in which 100 or fewer players are dropped on an island from a helicopter and the purpose of the game is to be the last player or squad standing. Users need to gather resources and guns in order to defend themselves and also attack enemy players. PUBG has various other modes as well which users can opt for if they are short on time. I would recommend an arcade mode during lunch breaks because a regular PUBG battle royale game takes 20-30 minutes and it can get addictive real soon.     


Let’s take a quiz. Growing up, I used to love weekly quiz shows that’d help participants win prizes or money by showcasing their knowledge. QuizUp is one such trivia app that allows users across the globe to compete against each other and the player with fastest response time wins. QuizUp is a free to play trivia game and unlike many Trivia games, it also includes many pop culture themes too which users can take a quiz of. Overall, it is a great app to pass some time and learn new things by competing in a quiz.


Flipboard is a near-perfect alternative to a real magazine or newspaper. The app incorporates a familiar flipping the page animation that mimics the real-life feeling of changing a newspaper or magazine page. The app is a great source to gather information on users’ liking and it can also be used to learn new things about the world around.


Honorable Mention-


Users can utilize duolingo to learn a foreign language easily and efficiently. Duolingo is better than other language learning apps because of its vibrant and fun user interface. The learning experience is broken down into games which makes the entire experience more worthwhile. I am currently learning German from Duolingo and I have seen some results in my pronunciation.

So, this was our list of apps and games that would help users cope up with the stressful life of 9 to 5. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, drop us a comment down below. For more app recommendations and software that you might want to use, read our other articles as well.

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