How to shine at board meetings with these apps

Board meetings. Some people find them the most productive segment of an office space, some find it useless, some find it a place to take a nap, some find it a corporate competitive arena, some feel that it shouldn’t be on a weekend or in late hours. Love it or hate it, board meetings are an integral part of our 9to5 corporate life. Believe it or not, board meetings can actually help you get that promotion that you’ve wanted ever since you stepped into your office for the first time. Here is a list of apps that can help you shine at those board meetings.

1. Trello-

Managing people can be a pain in the back. It is complex, multi-faceted and can be cumbersome at times. Let me introduce you to Trello because this app allows users to turn this pain into pleasure thanks to its easy to use user interface. The platform is highly customizable and can easily integrate multiple people of the organization. In a scenario where you are working with a team, you can urge your teammates to use trello and later in the meeting you might get credit for a better performance because of Trello.

2. MailChimp-

MailChimp is a popular corporate tool which is used for sending emails to build, manage and automate the process of newsletters and e-brochures. MailChimp can be used to create e-brochures, newsletters and custom replies to respective clients and prospects. With this app, you can significantly improve the marketing efforts and get more momentum for the company using email alerts, custom newsletters and what not. MailChimp can be a great tool to help you shine at your next board meeting, only if you use it correctly and for marketing purposes only.

3. Camscanner-

Camscanner, as the name suggests helps users scan documents and files onto their smartphones to smoothen the workflow. It has multiple inbuilt features like auto crop recommendation and auto filter that can come in very handy. Camscanner also allows users to convert scanned images or JPEGs into PDF format files with an option to get a smaller output file or the best possible one. Camscanner can earn you some compliments in board meetings if you use it wisely.

4. EverNote-

EverNote is an organizational powerhouse. It is very popular because it’s free with features worthy of a premium. Evernote is ideal to balance between your personal and professional life because users get an option to create different notebooks. It has a whole host of features like private notes,m collaborative notebooks, the ability to attach web links, add media, search using keywords and much more. Evernote is also becoming more and more collaborative thanks to its increasing third-party integration which helps users collaborate from other apps. There are a few paid features too which in my opinion are optional but they are a nice addition to the free arsenal of tools that you get with Evernote.   

5. HourStack

It is a great time tracking tool which is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. It shows time in blocks as if it is a day from a rectangular calendar or an event. It also emphasizes time management by allocating time blocks for future tasks that you wish to do this week or later. You can also indicate things like how much time it might take to finish a particular time block. It also has an integrated timer to make sure that you beat the clock to reach your deadline way before time. HourStack also integrates with many other productivity apps which will only help you to make your workflow more efficient and effective. Users can also export data to Excel, CSV and PDF format. Time management can really turn your boss’s attention and earn you some compliments which would lead to a promotion only if you don’t mess it up.


6. Slack-

Slack is a great collaborative tool for team projects. The app is packed with features and integrates really well with third-party apps. It has 3 plans, free, plus and grid version where the grid is organization oriented and plus is their paid version. The benefits speak for themselves and the app makes collaborative projects a lot easier. All bosses around the universe love organization and proper management. If you’re able to shine and work your way through collaborative projects, you will get recognized which will eventually lead to promotion.


7. WorkFront-

WorkFront is an organization level project management app which is highly customizable. It has high-end features and is highly customizable. It integrates with almost every business service out there and works perfectly with them. It ensures enterprise-grade work management and it delivers. It can be a great promoter for you if you convince your seniors to use this, they will thank you with a promotion. It is that good.  

8. Daylio-

I have mentioned Daylio before and I will mention it again. It is the best daily journal and mood tracker app out there. It categorizes emotions and moods based on various preset moods which can be customized. Users are supposed to add in their daily entries and feed in their feelings and moods. The app will then give you an option to visually monitor the statistics of your feelings and moods based on previous entries. Keeping a track of emotions is necessary to ensure you don’t accidentally burst your anger bubble in the office or worse, in a board meeting. The app is highly recommended by me and also my therapist as it is a perfect companion to monitor your emotions and moods.

9. Shine-

Motivation is an important aspect of life. When an individual is motivated, he/she can achieve his/her dreams and result in an overall growth of the organization they’re associated with. Motivation is also one of the biggest tools that managers and seniors use to reward their employees for their work and effort. Self-motivation is important to win that promotion and this is where Shine, shines. It is a great app to get your daily dose of motivation and inspiration. It has a lot to offer and in my experience, it is one of the best ways to stay motivated and continue hustling towards your goals.


10. Acorns-

We all love money and spare money is a blessing in green. When you’re working 9to5 on every weekday and also on Saturdays sometimes, it gets difficult to find a suitable 2nd source of income. So most people resort to investments and trading. To manage and excel in the trading market, Acorns is the best app out there. It is simple and was initiated to make the entire process hassle-free. Users can easily make investments and buy stocks from their spare income and expect a return in the future. If you get an opportunity to showcase your trading and investments’ knowledge, use it to impress your boss or senior. There might be a situation where you may end up as their personal investment advisor, which may eventually get you promoted.

So this was our list of apps that you can use to get promoted to your next profile or even your dream profile. Remember that consistency is key and none of these apps would help you if you work inadequately and poorly. Work hard, let your work speak for itself and step up and take charge whenever possible. If you have any suggestions or comments, drop them in the comments down below.

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