Fit with Tech- How to use technology to stay fit

When people talk about fitness, they usually mention physical fitness which includes muscular strength power, flexibility, balance, endurance, and other components of physical fitness. But in my opinion fitness is not just restricted to the physical aspects of human body. It should also include emotional fitness and psychological fitness. So in this article we will mention apps and programs that users can use in order to stay fit emotionally, physically and mentally. We will also mention a few gadgets that people can use in order to live a healthy life.

Before mentioning the apps and programs that you can use in order to live a healthy life, we’ll mention of your gadgets that you can use to live a healthier life.

Fitness trackers and smart watches

Fitness trackers have come a long way when it comes to tracking physical movement and other variables like heart rate of a user. Smart watches on the other hand haven’t progressed much. In opinion if you are in the market to buy a smartwatch and already own an IOS phone, the Apple smart watch is a no brainer and the latest series 4 of Apple smartwatch is capable of taking blood pressure entries of its users and the data can later be utilised by the user’s doctor. For fitness trackers users can go cheap with something like Xiaomi Mi band 3 or pay a price premium and go for Fitbit. Either way, they will get basic functionalities like step tracking, sleep tracking and other features on both Fitbit and third party fitness bands. For Fitbit, the advantage is that it has an inclusive interface for all its devices.

Invest in a smart scale

There are many smart scales in the market from some notable brands like Fitbit, Nokia, Xiaomi and from some not so popular brands as well. I personally use Fitbit Aria 2 and my experience has been great so far. It is easy to connect, it shows my data in charts and graphs and gives a good compiled report for my weight body, fat percentage, BMI and lean mass. It is a great tool if you are serious to meet your weight goals. But if you don’t want to pay the Fitbit premium, Xiaomi smart scale is also good and it costs a lot less than the Fitbit Aria 2.

Other Fitness Gadgets

In other fitness gadgets, users can include smart Shoes from brands like Nike, Xiaomi and others. They can also include blood pressure machines, blood sugar machines, fitness equipment like dumbbells, yoga mats, cycle and much more. I would recommend to invest in a few fitness gadgets and equipment and regularly exercise on your own or sign up and go to your choice of fitness classes like zumba my yoga classes or go full on in a gym.

Now will mention the apps that you can use to get fit

  • Daylio- starting of with my most recommended app, Daylio. Dailyo is a free to install app that users can use to record their moods and feelings on a regular basis. I call it the most useful app because I personally was able to turn from an emotional mess to a more stable individual. After using this app on a regular basis and sharing the data that I put into this app with my therapist, I was able to become more fit. Dailyo has a user-friendly interface which is colour coded and informative as the app maintains a compiled and simplified check on all data that users add into it by daily entries. It can be a great tool for people who get emotional for no apparent reason or for those who get angry over small things and so many more people who struggle with their emotions and moods.
  • Fitness trackers’ app- if a user is using a fitness tracker it is highly recommended to use its native app along with it. Even if it is cheap fitness tracker from Xiaomi or any other brand. Fitness trackers apps allows users to login to a Cloud account to save the data. The app also allows users to compete with their friends who also use the same fitness tracker. Some of these apps also recommend activities or exercises that users should do to get best possible results. In my experience, I have used both MI fit which is an app for Xiaomi fitness band and I have also used Fitbit with its app. The experience on Fitbit was obviously better but that came with a price premium. If you are starting out you can use Xiaomi as well.
  • Fitness partner apps- in addition to using fitness trackers and smart scale, users can also use a fitness app that focuses on exercises or on diet. There is a plethora of apps to choose from and most of them work well for users. If you still get lost in the app or play store, you can read our article on fitness apps.

This is not all, as mentioned fitness is a lot more than physical fitness and I would like to add a few more things to ensure that my readers get the most out of their life by staying fit and fine. First would be to make or find a friend who is supportive and has the patience of a good listener. If you are not sure about you are mental health, you can go see a therapist. It is important to keep a check on yourself and to maintain inner peace. In order to do that it is important to indulge in activities or sports that you like to participate in. This is important because whenever the person is doing something that they love, the happy hormone or dopamine is produced and it promotes the feeling of fulfillment. It is also important to indulge in a stable social life because after all, we are social beings that rely on each other for their survival.

This was a list of apps, methods and gadgets that uses can utilise in order to live a happy and healthy life. If you have any suggestions or recommendations drop us a comment down below.

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