Enable iPhone Tethering For Any Mobile Network In Any Country

I have an iPhone 3GS which is bought from US (contract terminated legally) and working on Airtel Network in India. I have jail-broken the phone to unlock it. I have got a data plan for my phone here in India which I use for Internet surfing from iPhone and have a broadband connection at home. Last night my home broadband went bad. I needed Internet on my computer to carry on with my work.

I did a quick google on iPhone to enable tethering on iPhone and  landed on iPhone Help Center which allows to enable tethering by downloading appropriate profiles for your network for your country. So you have to select Country and then Carrier / Network operator name to select the profile to install which will enable tethering on your iPhone.


Open iPhone Help Center from your iPhone Safari browser.When I opened the link to download Mobileconfigs as shown on the page below and browsed to India in country selection, there was only one operator config available, i.e BPL Mobile and Airtel was missing 🙁 , but I still managed to enable tethering, read more to know how.

 IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0629

Then I saw another option to create a Mobileconfig. This mobile config generator is still in beta version, but helps to create customized tethering mobile configuration for any mobile operator of any country.

To use this MobileConfig generator for your network, click on Moileconfig link seen on screen below:


This will show a screen as seen below which asks for APN for Mobile Internet and username and password. It also asks for APN settings for Visual Voicemail, which you can skip for tethering. But what to enter in APN settings ?


To know the APN network settings, go to iPhone home screen and open

Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network, which will show the screen like one below with your APN settings for Mobile Internet. If you are unable to see the settings, follow this tutorial first – Enable GPRS/EDGE APN Settings on Jailbroken iPhone


Write down the settings on a piece of paper. Go back to the Safari Browser. Type in the GPRS APN on this screen and click the Generate button on this page.


When you press generate, it will ask you to download and install a Profile from help.benm.at. Download and install the profile. And you are almost done 🙂


Now the tethering is enabled on your iPhone, you just need to turn it on. To turn it on, go to:

Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering, here you will find option to turn on the tethering.

 IMG_0636 IMG_0637 IMG_0638IMG_0618

Now simply connect your iPhone to your computer via Bluetooth or USB data-cable, and it will enable a USB/Bluetooth Ethernet adaptor for iPhone and you can enjoy Internet. Although there is one limitation that you need to have iTunes Installed on the computer you want to use tethering, but there is an alternative to that also, so stay tuned, we will shortly share the trick in coming posts.

Note: You must have data plan subscription on your phone connection. Using iPhone tethering may causes large amount of data transfer, please check your mobile data rates before using tethering to avoid heavy mobile bills. We recommend tethering only when you have unlimited data plan or cheap data plan.

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