How to earn extra money online?

Let’s talk about Money. We all love it. We love spending it on ourselves or on our loved ones. We all need unlimited money to spend and live every dream imaginable. Money is hard to earn as it takes a lot of time and effort to make some cash. But in the age of the internet, not so much. On the side, one can easily earn some extra money online and still work 9 to 5 for that safe and sometimes not so sound paycheck. This is our list as to how you can earn some extra buck and add it your green luck.

1. Time to work on those hobbies-

Growing up we all had some or the other type of hobby. From knitting to photography, from painting to singing, from dancing to reading books, we all had some or the other way to pass our times when the world wide web was not as accessible as it is today. Nowadays, you can earn some extra money by just teaching people online. It can be anything like how to draw or how to knit a pair of socks or how to click portraits, anything. Let’s just discuss how you can turn your old hobbies into a side business or a side income stream.

A. Craigslist-  

Craigslist needs no introduction. You place an ad and deliver specified services, it’s that simple. There have been a few scams and controversies with Craigslist but if you browse with a little bit of caution, you’ll be good to go. The setup process is easy and you can start getting customers for your service pretty easily. If Craigslist is not available in your country, you can easily find some other alternative easily as it is one of the most common ways to earn an extra buck.

B. Socialize-

If craigslist does not work for you, you can easily find your prospective clients on social media. All you need to do is share some of your work, promote it a little bit and some or the other in your social circle might hire you for a part-time teaching job or for a paid gig. You can continue spreading your circle by using social media to your advantage. With a bigger social circle, you might get a gig or a teaching job on a routine basis. 

C. Youtube-

If you’re really good at your hobby and want to market it and also earn some money on the side, you can start a youtube channel with tutorials of how to draw or knit or whatever your hobby is. Earning revenue from Youtube will take time but till then you can also use these videos as your portfolio for interested or prospective clients. You can also link your youtube channel with other social websites to get the most out of social media.

D. Practice and teach-

Even if you’re Gordon Ramsay of Masterchef or Steve Mccurry the photojournalist, you need practice. Some youtube tutorials or some classes on Skillshare or a small course from a local community college will help you improve your hobby and develop it into a skill. Once you realize that you’re good enough to teach, continue with youtube or start giving online classes on websites like skillshare etc.

2. Write an e-book or translate a book-

Here’s the deal:

You might be thinking that you don’t know how to write a book or you are not creative or you can’t just start writing. Hear me out for a moment, everyone is creative is one way or the other. If you strongly believe that you are not creative and you can’t write, write smartly. By writing smartly or in other words by writing your thoughts and opinions about a particular life event or even a dream, you can easily write a 300-page fiction novel. There are so many things that happen in our day to day lives that people would love to read about. If you ever get in doubt while you are pursuing creatively just remember this: “there is an audience out there who will love your content if not love at least like it and then you can work your way into their love”. Once you are done, you need to search for a publisher and get it published in an old-fashioned way or you can make it an e-book and get royalties from every purchase.

If you know more than one language well, you can also help writers translate their books and earn royalty from it. Translation part-time work can also be used for websites or blogs or brochures or any other text source which needs a translation.

3. Become a streamer-


If you’re really into video games and are really good at them, you can also start streaming from your living room and earn some side money. If you pick up a popular game which is a triple A title or a competitive game and mix with it your gaming skills and entertaining skills, you can attract an audience. The only two things that you must remember when you are trying to entertain people online is to stay motivated because a lot of people will hate you but it shouldn’t stop you and to be yourself. We all hate fake and pretentious people and nobody wants to donate a person who doesn’t know how to play and only knows how to swear or insult others. Streaming has exploded as a career in recent years and there is a chance that you might have a rough start but don’t stop if you love entertaining people and playing video games is your favorite hobby.

4. Teach English online-

With apps and websites like Qkids and Cambly, you can become an online language tutor. There are so many people in this world who don’t know how to speak or write in the English language and are looking to pay for a one on one classes from a native speaker. You can bridge that gap by providing online classes in the form of video chats or just textual chats and earn a quick buck. Personally speaking, I have helped so many people pass their IELTS exam by teaching them on cambly that I should probably add it to my CV.

5. Create and sell stock content-

Stock photos, videos, and music are used by so many people around the globe. Your prospective client could be a filmmaker, or a local bakery or a youtuber or an artist or a web designer or anyone who is trying to make their project a little more interesting to consume. You can start off small with your phone or a cheap camera, once you save enough you can upgrade to some professional gear like a DSLR or a field recorder. Websites like Shutterstock for photos and story blocks for video and music can easily help you get started with your online stock content business.

This was our list of 5 tried and tested ways in which you can earn some extra income. If any of these don’t work for you, you can search for some part-time jobs which have flexible work hours to make some extra money. If you have any suggestions or comments, drop them in the comments down below.  

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