Best ways to work on your skills using these apps

Skill is defined as: ‘the ability to do something well.’ ‘A skill is the ability to carry out a task with determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both.’ Skills are essential in today’s day and age. If one is skilfull in their work domain, they can thrive and stand out and tall with their skill set. But acquiring new skills and polishing existing skills is as important as having skills in the first place. So, we have compiled a list of apps and games that will help you brush up on your existing skills as well as help you acquire new skills.


For most of us, youtube is our go-to place for cat videos, funny sketches, movie trailers, and other entertaining videos. Most people also use Youtube as a free online place to learn new skills. New skills can be acquired by watching tutorials, walkthroughs, and guides on youtube. Personally speaking, I learned Adobe Premiere Pro by watching a bunch of tutorials and following the instructions side by side. At first, you can learn basics from youtube tutorials and then by trial and error, learn a lot more on yourself and if you get stuck, you can always find a solution on Youtube.   


Duolingo is a well-thought app that helps users learn a foreign language by spending as low as 5 minutes daily on the app. It incorporates various design elements that help users remember new words easily. It also asks users to speak as in some activities it requires voice input. The app has a cute green bird avatar that encourages users to use the app daily and also appreciates them when they make progress in the app. The app starts with basic words and phrases and as players level up in-app, more complex words and sentences are made available for them to learn and master.     


Not a lot of people know this but, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. The app, in a nutshell, is an online library for all TED talks and much more. TED app offers users useful articles, inspiring stories, motivational videos and a lot of insightful content. It has various content pieces that help users learn something new and stay motivated while they’re at it. TED app also lets users download content to watch or read when they’re not connected to the internet. It offers a wide variety of topics that users can follow and users can not only learn something new from inspiring TED talks but they can also stay motivated to keep pushing themselves to newer heights.


Drops is another app that helps users learn a foreign language. It is unique in its own way and offers a lot to its users. Drops is a visual treat as it associates words with specific relevant images and forces users to remember both the word and its equivalent pictorial representation. Drops is an easy to use app that allows users to learn a foreign language by playing games of swipe, fill in the blanks and much more such fun and intuitive games. It offers many languages that users can learn and like other learning apps, it starts small with easy and common words and sentences and then it goes big when users invest more time and effort into the app.


Skillshare is an online service that allows users to take classes in order to learn or practice a particular skill. Classes are available for various things and apps like cooking, brewing coffee, improving powerpoint, improving vocabulary, Adobe illustrator and much more. Skillshare works on a subscription model in which users can opt to pay $12 a month or 8 dollars a month for an annual plan. The classes on Skillshare are from industry experts and gurus, so users know that they are learning from the best. Skillshare is a useful app for working professionals as well as for students and for people who want to learn and acquire new skills on the go.

Good Vocabulary can be a great tool which can help you stand out and have more interesting conversations. is not only a good website to get word meanings, synonyms, antonyms etc but it also has an app which is a little more useful than the website. The most useful feature that I personally use is the ‘word of the day’. It helps users learn a new word every day and it also helps users understand the proper use of the word by providing various examples for the same. app can be a great tool to expand your vocabulary by learning new words every day.



Remember back in the day, when people used to have huge encyclopedias and a new encyclopedia was issued every year. Well, as internet became more mainstream and accessible, those encyclopedias became a story of the past. They were replaced by their digital counterpart: Wikipedia and ever since, Wiki (short for Wikipedia) has helped millions of users to gather information. Wikipedia is a one-stop website to read in-depth about any subject in the world. Users can also access source articles and reference articles from which a specific Wikipedia page was created. Wikipedia has a lot to offer for people who seek and value knowledge and with the right type and amount of knowledge, it becomes easy for users to acquire a new skill.


The app helps you to become a musician that’s why the name, ‘Yousician’. All you need is the musical instrument that you want to learn and the app will tutor you to play the instrument like a professional. The best feature of Yousician is that it provides feedback to users. It is possible because it utilizes your phone’s speakerphone to listen to your output and then rate you accordingly. This feature is a lot more convenient as a help-book won’t tell you how you’re playing. It is a great app to learn a new musical instrument and to become more skillful.

7-minute workout-

The 7 Minute Workout app is a go-to fitness app for many users. The app accepts the fact that people are always hustling and have less time to spare. So, it focuses on small intense workouts that users can do. A workout plan duration can be as low as 7 minutes that’s why the name: ‘ 7-minute workout’. I personally use the app and in my experience, the app gives me flexibility to workout anywhere by just consuming 10 minutes off of my busy schedule. It is a great app to stay fit and to healthy because if you aren’t healthy, what will you do of all the wealth that you acquire over the years.


‘Mimo’ a quirky and funny sounding app is a great tool. It is the perfect app for users who want to learn how to code. It has a community of over 3 million users and it is popular because it provides a custom learning schedule for its users. These schedules can be set by users to meet their demand and to not collide with their schedules. Users can learn various coding languages like Python, C#, C++, JavaScript, HTML, Ruby, Git, Kotlin and much more. Users can start from scratch and eventually work their way up to make their own apps, websites, games and whatnot. Mimo is a great tool for people who want to get started with coding and want to enhance their arsenal of skills.

So, this was our list of apps that can be very helpful for users who wish to acquire new skills. I would strongly recommend users to get some set of new skills as the job market is dynamic and it is highly likely that if you learn a new set of skill, you might end up having a better paying job.

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