Best Resourceful Apps for Students

The best thing about apps is that there are millions of them on both the Play Store and App Store. And you know we love apps to an extent that we have the word ‘app’ in our name itself. If you are a college or high-school student, it’s a given that for the majority of your time, you are on your phone. So while you’re at it, why not use a bunch of apps that will help you ease your high school or college life. Sadly, these apps won’t share the load of your student debt but they’ll help you perform well at school.

Here’s the complete list-

Google Drive-

How can I formulate a list of useful apps for students and not include Google Drive. It is the easiest and most affordable cloud storage option that you can get. First 15 GB are free and after that one can upgrade to an affordable Google One storage plan and get up to 1TB of cloud storage on Google Drive. Google Drive is not only a great cloud storage platform but also a great collaborative tool to work with. It allows users to share high-quality heavy files by sharing the Google Drive folder itself. Overall, it is a great tool for students to store their notes, pictures, and videos and to also collaborate and save their work on the cloud.   



CamScanner can be a lifesaver for students who study only one night before their exams. The app is pretty simple. You have a bunch of handwritten notes, you use the app to scan these notes and create a pdf file. That’s it! Your or your class’s topper’s notes are now saved electronically. The app itself has some neat features which come in handy when you’re scanning the documents. My favorite is its text detection which kicks in whenever you scan a text document. It’s auto filter feature also sets it apart as it makes terrible handwriting a little less challenging to read. Overall, the app is a great tool to store your handwritten notes digitally or to just copy your class topper’s handwritten notes.


Otter Voice Notes-

Otter Voice Notes is some sort of wizardry and witchcraft wrapped inside simple to use voice recording app. The app supports long voice notes and it automatically transcribes the voice notes into articles with detailed paragraphs. The best way to use this app is by recording voice from your lectures and classes and the transcribed paragraphs can later be used to revise these lectures and make notes. The app is a great tool for students as it can save them a lot of time and make difficult concepts crystal clear and help them excel in their college/education life.


Offtime is a digital detoxer which comes in handy when you have to meet a deadline. It blocks users’ calls, texts and notifications to help them focus more on their assignment and work. Users can add people which can be exempted from their ‘Offtime’. The app also works like a reply-bot and sends custom replies to incoming messages and chats to inform the caller about users availability. It is a wonderful app for students as it helps them make some time for their studies and assignments by giving some ‘offtime’ to their smartphones.


Getting up early in the morning can be a pain in the back. I remember the time when I used to snooze my alarm at least 1020102 times before waking up. Well if you’re like me who wishes to wake up early in the morning but loves to sleep till late, Alarmy will work wonders for you. Alarmy is a basic Alarm app which is not so basic. It makes waking up a little troublesome because when it’s alarm goes off, it asks users to solve a puzzle or do a set of pushups before it stops buzzing or ringing. This extra layer of difficulty in waking up makes your body a little more active and gives you the required push and helps you start your day. Alarmy is a great tool for college students because when one wakes up early in the morning, they get a head start ahead of their peer group and this extra time they can utilize to take care of their health or complete their pending assignment or to just meditate and have a calm and composed beginning to their day.


Your mental Health can be affected if you are working on your assignments late at night, not socializing enough, and if you don’t take enough sleep or due to many more situations that you might face in your college or high-school life. To combat that Daylio is my go-to app. It won’t motivate you though but you can keep a tab on your feelings when you post a daily entry of your moods and feelings on the app. The app is color-coded and is user-friendly. You can also share the data from your app with your therapist if you are seeking some professional help. Overall, the app is highly recommended due to its ease of use and its subtle level of customization.


MyStudyLife is a great app if you love to micro-manage everything. It helps students make detailed timetables, it repeats schedules on daily (or other) rotations, it disintegrates tasks and to-do lists and the best part is that it doesn’t require an internet connection to do all this. So if your college’s library has network jammers or it’s located in a, not so network -friendly place, MyStudyLife will still work flawlessly. Overall, MyStudyLife is a nice app to keep things organized and to study in a systematic and proper manner.    


Evernote is a very popular freemium note-taking app that is used by people across the globe to manage their work and creative projects. It can be used by students to either showcase their creative side or to micro-manage various tasks. Evernote has multiple useful tools that come in handy when users are using it to manage their tasks at hand and when they’re just relaxing and expressing their emotions in the form of doodles or sketches. Evernote is a world-famous app that helps users manage their hustle life and get creative while they’re at it. 

Wikipedia App-

Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia was my go-to website for assignments when I was in high-school. Its native app is feature-packed and the best feature that I personally love is tabs. Just like a browser, users can now open multiple tabs on various topics that they wish to study about. Wikipedia app is a wonderful tool for students as they can not only get the gist of the topic that they’re looking for and can go in-depth with various source articles that are listed at the end of a Wikipedia page. With hundreds of thousands of topics to study, Wikipedia app becomes a reliable source to gather information and to learn more on the go.        

Wolfram Alpha-

Wolfram Alpha is like Google but for college questions. Users can type in a question, be it a math problem, or a short question, and Wolfram Alpha will give users the answer that they were looking for. Users need to pay a one time fee of $2.99 and unlock a marvelous tool called Wolfram Alpha. It is a must-have app for any math or science major and for some creative folks too. Whether you’re an aspiring journalist, architect, science major, or someone else, Wolfram Alpha will serve you well and will help you know and understand the answers that you seek.

So, this was our list of apps that can work wonders for students. What are you waiting for? Just get out there and start using these apps to systematically but smartly score those A’s in your upcoming exams.  

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