Best Apps for Pet owners

Let’s just agree with the fact that we all love pets. Growing up, we are often introduced to the idea of having a pet in a family. Some people get a dog for its protective trait, others get a cat because they make great cuddle buddies and others get birds, hamsters and what not. Pets make a great companion through thick and thin and their company is the best you can get in this world filled with toxic humans. Pets are uncritical, lovable, cute, protective, cuddly and a lot more. It is time you give them the taste of internet and take care of them while you’re at it. Here is a list of apps that you can use to take better care of your pets.

1. 11 Pets-

11 Pets is a pet journal app that helps you stay on track with all your pet’s needs. 11 Pets have got you covered to remind you about vaccinations, vet appointments, medicines and much more. It can feed in all the important data like vet’s contact information, vaccines that your pet needs, pet supply needs and so on. So, you can compile all your pet’s data onto 11 Pets and worry a little less about your pet.

2. Walk For a Dog-

What if you could walk your dog and also contribute towards the society? Well, with Walk your dog you can do just that because whenever you walk your dog, the app sends a donation to participating animal shelter of your choice as an additional incentive. Users are supposed to make a profile of their dog, then select a shelter or organization to support and now you can log in your dog’s walks and the app will donate money to your selected charitable organization or shelter. The rest is simple, the more you walk your dog, the bigger donations the organizations receive so what are you waiting for? Walk Your dog and make other dogs happy too.

3. Rover-

Also known as the “uber for dog sitters,” Rover is a great app made by dog lovers where dog owners can get in touch with other dog owners for dog sitting to ensure the dogs never feel lonely. Dog owners can use the app to book sitters for dog boarding, house sitting, doggy daycare and so on. The sitters can also use the app to send pictures of dog owners dog babies and notification as to how their dog is at any point in time.

4. Heads and Tails by Petco-

Heads and Tails by Petco is a neat photo sharing app that lets users share their pet babies photos to stand a chance to win Petco gift certificates as well as donations to the Petco Foundation. The app walkthrough is easy all users need to do is: Upload a selfie with your pet on the app and share it with their friends to stack up likes. Users who manage to secure 100 likes by the end of the month, get a 25$ Petco gift card along with a 25$ donation to the Petco Foundation.

5. Cat Training-

Oxymoron Alert: Cat Training! Yes, as self-contradictory it may sound, cats can be trained and Cat training does a pretty decent job at helping users to do so. The app is filled with resource material to help you train your 3 AM cuddly, furry zombie. The app is simple to use and can come in really handy if you want to toilet train your cat or just wish to make the next cat video of your cat doing some cool trick. The app has got you covered but you should expect to see some ads while you’re reading an article because nothing comes for free.  

6. Pet First Aid-

First Aid can be a life savior in various situations. First Aid can be easily done and with some practice, we all can become prepared to face the unexpected. For pets, the American Red Cross developed this app in order to educate people how to do first aid for pets. It can be a lifesaver if your pets get injured and the vet is taking time to reach your place or whatever the reason of the delay might be. It is a great app for pet owners to educate themselves from and to stay prepared at all times.

7. Pet Coach-

As the name suggests, the app educates users as to how they are supposed to take care of their pet in different situations. It is a community-based app where users can read articles, post questions on forums for experts and fellow members to answer and much more. From a petty issue like a rare new mark on your cat’s tail to opinion for your diabetic dog, Pet Coach will serve you well.

8. Dog Park Finder-

Dogs just love to play fetch. Some parks are great for fetch while others, not so much. With Dog Park Finder, users can locate good parks for their dogs where their baby pets can have a fun time while playing, running around and doing things that make them happy. Dog Park Finder is a blessing if you’re in a new city and don’t know much about your neighborhood. Users get an option to find park based on distance, dog rules, proximity, operating hours and other filters. The app also provides detailed information of these places just so dog owners can get a little familiar with the place before actually visiting it.   


9. P5 Dog Training-

It is a free dog training resource app that is equipped with tutorials, videos, articles and other tools to help users train their dog. From a small handshake to a backflip, users can use the app to train the dog with any trick from the book. The app can also be used without an internet connection and users also get an activity log in the app which can be used to maintain a track record of your dog’s progress of training.

10. Pet Parent-

It is a community app for pet owners who live in major cities. The app connects users with a community of other pet owners in the city. It offers information on places which pets would like and pet events, local businesses, parks, salons, vets and much more. Overall it is a great app with a strong community to help you and your pet grow.

This was our list of apps that would be very useful for pet owners and enthusiasts. For all my pet enthusiastic readers, I would like to say that it is easy to get a pet of your dreams but it takes constant effort to make them feel at home and to ensure their safety. It is not a joke and I would recommend you to get a pet only when it can easily incorporate within your work and personal life.  If you have any suggestions or comments, drop them in the comments down below.  

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