Best Apps for Creative Hustlers

According to Wikipedia: “Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be, intangible or physical object.” Creativity for me is therapeutic. It helps me channel my emotions and experiences in the form of content that I create for a living. Creativity is a trait which almost everyone has but most of us fail to get the most out of it and don’t explore the true potential of our imagination. For those who use their creativity as a tool, here’s a list of apps that I personally use to channel my creativity and I hope you will use them too.  

1. Snapseed-

Snapseed is my go-to app for mobile photo editing. It is easy to use and provides some advanced features like healing and head pose. Snapseed is developed by Google and has all the AI capabilities that Google has been working on ever since the wave of Artificial Intelligence began. Snapseed is great for beginners as it has a pack of good premade filters that work well for Instagrammers and for professionals, they can tweak almost everything on the image. Snapseed also supports RAW files from up to 144 cameras which makes it a great mobile option for both professional photographers and casual Instagrammers.


2. Evernote-

Evernote is a very popular freemium note-taking app that is used by people across the globe to manage their work and creative adventures. Evernote is a great tool which is versatile to be adopted by any creative, corporate and casual user. It has a great set of tools which will come in handy to while you’re exploring the realms of your imagination. It can help users create the impossible from scratch and can help corporates to organize their problems at one place and come up with a creative idea to keep hustling and to solve various problems.   

3. Pinterest-

Pinterest is not just about photography. It is a great platform where artists, illustrators, designers and also photographers, share their work to get recognition. The ability to add pins to pieces that you like on the app and the ability to create your own board out of these pins is an amazing feature altogether. Pinterest can be your go-to app to get some inspiration because of millions of users that use Pinterest on a regular basis. Pinterest is a free, inspiring and easy to use app that will help you create.

4. Filmic Pro-

If you’re an aspiring mobile filmmaker or an aspiring journalist who wants a small filming rig, Filmic Pro is the best filmmaking app out there. It is easy to use and provides all sorts of manual controls including white balance and most importantly the ability to set the focus and exposure separately. It is a wonderful app even for beginners as they can get to learn a lot about film-making by just exploring the app and by means of trial and error. Pair the app with a mobile gimbal and a mic and you’ll have a portable filming rig which is both modular and versatile.   

5. Google Drive-

Google Drive was a little late to the party of cloud storage options to choose from but it is now a very popular option because for most devices (especially Android Devices) it comes pre-installed. It is a nice cloud storage platform backed by tech-giant Google itself and users get free 15 Gb of storage and additional storage packs aren’t that expensive. It is easy to use and utilizes other Google apps like Google Docs, sheets, slides and a lot more. Google Drive is a great way to store your creative work on the go and its folder share feature can also be used to showcase your portfolio to prospective clients and brands.  


6. Infinite Design-

Infinite Design is an infinite canvas including pan, zoom and rotate and is a great contender to Adobe’s Illustrator Draw. It is a wonderful app for designers and creators who love to paint and design art. It provides a great canvas for one’s creativity to fly and explore its own capabilities. Infinite design is a free app and allows users with almost everything that they might require on their creative journey. It is highly recommended for people who like to draw, doodle and create art from scratch.

7. Find My Font-

Have you ever come across an infomercial or a place where a particular type of font caught your eye and made you curious to know about it? Well with Find my font, you can search the name of this font and use it for your creations. The app started off as a desktop version but now it’s available across most platforms for free. With a database of more than 150,000 fonts, find my font will help you get creative textually.

8. Slack-

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration app with an amazing set of tools to get things done. It has an easy to understand user interface and a great set of tools that can come in really handy while working on a project as a team. From a team of 4 creatives to a corporate plan, Slack can be versatile for different needs of its users. Slack has support for various third-party apps as well which makes the overall user experience a lot less cumbersome and smooth.    

9. Unstuck-

It’s not all sunshine when it comes to the creative process. People usually get roadblocks or creative blocks when they are trying really hard to stand out and make a name for themselves in the creative space. While for me, nature helps to solve a creative block but it’s not that easy for everyone else. Unstuck helps users as a digital guide to get yourself out of a creative block in order to work harder for that creative life. It also ensures users get the most out of their creative process by helping them avoid small and big creative blocks.

10. BrainSparker-

Brainsparker is a free app that claims to help tap users their “inner genius.” The app is pretty straightforward in which users get random flash cards that are presented to prompt users to think more creatively. It provides a whole host of interesting ideas, quotes, and cards tricks users brain to think more creatively. It is quirky and does live up to its claim but to a certain extent. It can help users to trigger their brain to think more creatively to create something from scratch or to solve a problem creatively or for any other creative exploration. 

11. Dubble-

Double Exposures are a treat for the eyes. If made properly, they can really set a new creative benchmark for the project. With Dubble, users get to create double exposures using their image and an image from the Dubble community. The entire process is fast and efficient. Users also get some control over their creations or dubbles and can tweak its shadows, highlights and much more. It is a great tool for photographers who wish to collaborate with other photographers without much hassle. It can also help other creatives to mix things up a little and to try something extraordinary.  

12. TED-

Motivation is an essential factor to keep hustlin’ through creative life. Motivation and TED Talks are in a way synonymous with each other. TEDx has a reputation for incorporating inspiring stories of creatives and people who try really hard to make a difference. It has a host of TED Talks, motivational videos, articles and a lot more to offer for its users. TED for me is a wonderful app to just find some motivation and to get inspired to work harder for more creative outcomes.   

13. HaikuJam-

HaikuJam is a free collaborative app for poets. The users create a small poem with the help of two more haiku creators across the globe. Haikus (originated in Japan) are 3-line syllable based poems that users can create jamming together. The entire app is encouraging, motivating and a wholesome experience for poets and beginners alike. It can be a great tool to kill the mundane life of 9to5 by jamming some Haikus in your creative breaks.  

14. VSCO Cam-

VSCO Cam is a famous photo editing tool which is used by both professional photographers and casual Instagrammers. It provides easy to use app interface and tools which can convert basic and unattractive images into an image straight out of a movie. It has various film-like presets, social features, creative editing tools and a strong community of professional photographers. Even though it is free for only a week but the extra premium is worth the price.

15. Lightroom-

The greatness of Lightroom in a smaller yet capable version is Lightroom for mobile. It is a wonderful app which provides a lot of options for users to tweak and edit their images. It is a powerful tool for creators who are always on the road and love to create. With a capable device like an iPad Pro, Lightroom mobile app becomes almost as good as a desktop version. It is a great tool for photographers as they can edit their photos accurately and more conveniently.  


Sometimes the creative process comes to a halt when we feel that we’re out of ideas. Whenever you’re stuck in that situation, all you need to do is just start working. The creative ideas will start flowing again, only if you keep hustling and don’t give up. This was our list of apps that can be turned into great tools for creative hustlers and content contributors. If you have any suggestions or comments, drop them in the comments down below.

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