Best apps and games to kill time

Time is a valuable resource. We are often so occupied with our work that we don’t get time for ourselves to just relax and just kill some time relaxing. Keep in mind killing time playing games and using apps that are mentioned in this content piece might be addictive but you must value your time and avoid wasting a lot of time on these apps. The best scenarios when you can use these apps are- while commuting while waiting for your turn at the doctor’s, sometimes in your washroom break and in other similar situations. Here’s a list of apps and games that you can use to kill your spare time-

1. Crazy Dino Park-

It is a fun-filled puzzle action game that makes you a manager of a dino park. All the activities involved ranging from incubating an egg to exploring mines for fossils, collecting money from the ticket counter to catching a fled dinosaur is all done by the player. There is an in-game scientist that helps you along the way by guiding you and giving various challenges that reward players with in-game currency of coins and diamonds. It is a fun packed game which I am addicted to and play it on a routine basis while commuting to my office. I am sure that you’ll like this game too and you might end up sharing some random dinosaur facts from the game just like Ross from friends.


2. Duolingo-

Duolingo is a nice app to kill some time and learn a new language while you’re at it. Users can choose from 20 languages including Spanish, French, Italian and German. The app has regular exercises and competitive lessons that will help you learn and understand easily. The app is Free to use and I highly recommend it due to its simplistic user interface, well-crafted exercises, and fun user experience.

3. QuizUp-

Quizup is my go-to trivia app when I want to just take a quiz and showcase my knowledge. It has multiple game modes, daily challenges, tournaments, and topics to choose from. Users can choose between intellectual titles like modern science to entertainment topics like Game of Thrones. There are many users which play the game and you’ll easily find an opponent to compete with, no matter what topic you choose. It is a nice game and there are chances you might compete against me if you take a quiz on Pokemon or Marvel Cinematic universe.

4. Paperama-

Remember your childhood when we used to play around with origami papers, trying to create the fastest paper plane that goes beyond the front yard. Well with paperama, you do just that but virtually. With over 70+ designs to choose from, Paperama will help you kill time creatively. Users have to figure out on their own as to how to make an origami piece but if they get stuck, there is also a hint button. It is a nice app to learn new ways of Origami which you can also use in real life to impress your family and friends.

5. Mix-

While you are killing time, why not learn some important information about the topics you care about. With Mix, users can do just that by choosing the topics that they’re interested in reading and the app will get the articles, photos, videos and all sorts of content based on their selected topics. The app is easy to use and the articles are picked from really nice sources as the information provided is accurate and reliable. It is a great app to kill time and learn something new about your favorite topic while you’re at it.

6. 9Gag-

If you like memes and funny cat videos, you will love the 9Gag app. It is fun and is the official app of 9Gag which is already has a reputation of one of the best places of entertainment on the web. Users can browse through an endless timeline of humorous jokes, memes, cat videos, kids videos, compilations and a lot more. It does make me laugh out hard on my daily morning commute which gets awkward sometimes and it’s on all 9Gag’s hilarious content.

7. Lumosity-

Lumosity is a great app to train your brain and kill time at the same time. It has a whole host of brain games that are challenging and fun. It has easy to understand app interface. The free version allows users to play only 3 games a day which is not bad. If you want to make the best out of this app you might consider some in-app purchases to keep training your brain. Overall, it is a nice app that can help you make your brain a lot more agile, responsive and highly functional.  

8. Meme Generator-

We live in the era of internet jokes and most of it comprises of witty and creative memes. With Meme Generator, you can step up your meme game with custom meme templates, and other meme generator tools. The process is easy and you can start making memes in no time. It is a fun app which will not only entertain you but also your friends and family. Just don’t cross the line and end up hurting someone’s sentiments and beliefs.

9. Shabaam-

Just like memes, Gifs are quite popular too and can come in handy while you’re on social media. Shabaam is a gif creation app that lets users add voice, text and what not to a whole array of gif templates. Users can then save these created gifs and later use it on various social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Shabaam is a nice tool to kill time and get creative by making gifs.

10. Calm-

Why not breathe in while you’re trying to kill some time. With calm, users can unplug themselves and meditate to calm both their body and mind. Calm is a great app to get relaxing music to just take a nap or to meditate for some time. It plays soothing music for users to help them focus more on relaxation than their next deadline or any other problem. Calm is a great app that can help users unwind their stress and get themselves closer to their body and soul by the means of meditation.

So this was our list of apps and games that will help users kill time and also get something fruitful while they’re spending that extra time. Just remember don’t use or play any of these apps or games while you are working. If you have any suggestions or comments, drop them in the comments down below.

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