10 Useful Chrome Extensions

Google’s Chrome web browser is used by almost 2/3rds of all Internet users worldwide. But the sad part is that most of them are not able to utilize the true potential of this powerful web browser. Users can unlock the true potential of Google Chrome by using extensions, which as the name suggests is an addition to all the features and functions that Google Chrome already offers. Extensions can be used to customize the way Google Chrome looks and to also add useful tools and functions which would help users to be more productive due to increased efficiency of their web browser. Here is a list of cool and useful Chrome extensions that you can use in order to get the most out of it-


Wayback machine

If you’ve ever wondered what a particular web page looked like 10 years ago, Wayback Machine will show you just that with just one click of a button. In other words, Wayback Machine is like #10yearchallenge but for websites. Users can browse through the timeline of any website and see how the website has changed and developed over time. It can be a great tool for web designers and developers who can get valuable inspiration from observing the change in websites. Overall, it is a fun and useful chrome extension that users can use to walk down memory lane of a particular website.


Grammatical mistakes and typos are the worst enemies if your work involves a lot of emails and word documents. Grammarly can be a savior for you if your work involves a lot of typing. It is like a small tutor that points out your mistakes when you type. The extension underlines the mistake red and when users hover their mouse pointer over it, a correction for the mistake is displayed, which users can select to omit their mistake. Grammarly is easy to use and can come in handy for almost everyone. It isn’t perfect though as sometimes it tries to overdo its job and while its at it, forgets basic grammar rules. Other than that, Grammarly is a useful and free tool which would help users avoid grammatical mistakes and typos.



If you are a Youtuber, VidIQ is like an SEO tool that can help you get better at making youtube videos by analyzing trends and how your video performs. The extension ranks your video based on the caption that you use, tags and much more. It compiles all these scores to make an overall score which helps you to stay ahead of the competition and helps your video to perform better. It also has a paid premium version which unlocks many more analytical features but the free plug-in itself is very useful.    

Awesome Screenshot: Screen capture

If you’re a Mac user you might want to skip this one as you guys natively have the option to screen capture and screen record. If you’re a Windows user though, Awesome Screenshot is perfect Chrome extension for you. The app is easy to use and very intuitive. Awesome Screenshot allows users to capture select part of their screen or the entire page, or visible part of the page and in many more ways. It also gives users an option to edit their screen capture before saving it. The app also works well with Google Drive and users can set a specific Google Drive folder for all of their screens captures and screen recordings.  

Wikiwand- Wikipedia modernized

As they say- ‘More of anything can be harmful’. Same is the case with Wikipedia. There is so much information on one not so user-friendly web interface that it can be a little too much for users who are looking for just one particular thing. Wikiwand helps to solve that problem by turning Wikipedia into an easy to use webpage. It significantly improves the reading experience of users and users also have an option for dark mode while using Wikiwand. Wikiwand is an award-winning Chrome extension that can help users navigate easily through the simplified layout of long and informative Wikipedia pages.


Honey works like your friend who is a smart shopper. Honey keeps a track of all the coupons that you can use on a particular website. It also gives users some cash back if the retailer’s online store has support for Honey. Overall, it is a very useful Chrome extension that users can use in order to save some extra cash while they’re shopping online.   

Google mail checker

As the name suggests, this Chrome extension allows users to check their new emails from their Gmail account. The plugin is simple to use and allows users to immediately check their new emails by showing a small notification on the icon of this plugin. The plugin is my all time favorite as it saves so much of my time and I hope that you’ll like it too.  

Workspace Launcher

If you want to manage your Google Chrome workspace then look no further. Workspace launcher allows users to create custom presets of tabs for anything specific. The extension is easy to use and allows users to set custom presets for websites and set of websites that they visit on a regular basis.   

Dark night mode

Dark Mode Everything. Well for starters, the reason why tech YouTubers journalists and tech enthusiasts like dark mode so much is because black pixels consume less battery and who doesn’t love more battery life? Dark Night Mode is just that but for Chrome which for god knows what reason doesn’t support dark mode natively. Dark Night Mode converts Chrome’s white and vibrant layout into a dark and toned down colors. This is less taxing on the eyes and in theory, consumes less battery than the original version. The extension works well with almost every webpage and it also has a reputation for its simplicity in the Chrome personalization community.


Momentum is a neat Google Chrome extension that greets users with a vibrant and energizing wallpaper whenever they open a new tab. The extension also allows users to add a to-do list, a reminder, weather information, and a motivational quote when they use Momentum. Overall, it is a neat app that can help users stay positive, inspired and can help them to be more productive.

So, this was our list of Google Chrome extensions that we find useful. These extensions are aimed for different types of users so I hope you’ll find something that would cater to your specific needs. If you have any suggestions or comments for us, drop them in the comments down below.  

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