Use iPhone / iPod Touch As USB Pen Drive

by Rohit on December 10, 2009

Don’t you think it would be nice if you have to carry one less device with you when you can do its work with your existing device ?

I feel the same for my iPhone and my pen drive. I carry my iPhone with me almost everywhere I go, and I have plenty of free memory on my iPhone. So I felt why not use it as USB pen drive !

If you have a jail-broken iPhone or iPod touch, you can very easily convert your iPhone or iPod into a USB pen drive with Free Cydia app called : USB Drive


In this post I will explain how to Install and Configure this app.

First of all, go to Cydia, click Sources, Click Edit and Add button on the sources screen. Here you need to add the repository:


Click Add source, now search for USB drive and you will find this app in Cydia


Today I installed it on my phone, the version available was Version 1.0beta3




After the Setup is completed, you can create a drive by clicking on the Create Disk Option and create a drive.



You have to Select the USB Mode now, now this is tricky thing. When you want to use the iPhone as Pen Drive, you need to select either “Drive + iTunes” or “Drive only”. In these two modes, it will not show the default Camera Photos folder which you normally see, but will show up in iTunes when you select the “Drive + iTunes” option.

Note : This app requires a reboot of iPhone whenever you switch the USB mode. It will give you option for the same whenever you switch modes.

When you attach the device,  it will Install the USB mass storage drivers and will load the drive as seen below:





To get back to the normal photo album, you need to switch the USB mode to “Default” in which the drive will be missing. This simply means that you can not have Photo Album Folder and Drive at the same time using this app as of now.



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James June 8, 2010 at 5:44 pm

when i use it on my pc i get an error saying ‘no disk space on destination drive’ or something on the lines of that 🙁

honey July 23, 2010 at 4:04 pm

i make it by doing so nw let us see is it working properly or not

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