Update Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps To Enable New Real Time Traffic Updates For Delhi, Mumbai Roads

by abhishek bhatnagar on March 30, 2012

Nokia india has just rolled out a new feature of real time traffic updates or accurately we should say a new service which works for all the nokia Symbian and nokia lumia phones through the in built navigation apps from nokia on these devices, with this feature from now on you can get to know which roads and routes have traffic congestion and so that you can avoid going through those routes. Those roads with the least traffic congestion will be shown as blue color lines and the ones with the red color lines will be the most busy roads and crowded with vehicles and green color lines indicate the smooth traffic roads with less traffic.

Update Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps To Get New Real Time Traffic Updates For Delhi, Mumbai

How To Get Real Time Traffic Updates On Nokia Phone?

This new feature will be available to Nokia Symbian phones via Nokia Maps and for Lumia series phones it will come through Nokia Drive. In order to get this feature you will need to update the respective app on your Symbian or Nokia windows phone as Nokia india said, real time traffic updates will be available to all devices using nokia maps.


How Does Real Time Traffic Updates Coming To Nokia Phones and Devices?

As we were already curious about how do they actually collect the potential data about the traffic conditions of a road, they said its done through the Nokia users only as they are using nokia navigation app on their phones while driving, walking or during a transit, they get probes which contain information details like speed, direction and stoppage with real time GPS coordinates. They track every Nokia phone be it a s40 or s60 Symbian phone or a windows phone to collect this data.


How Do You Stop Them Tracking You, If you Use a Nokia Phone? 

You can always go in the nokia maps settings and un check the option which says, don’t send usage and other stats to nokia either on nokia windows phone or nokia symbian phone as well.

What If I Live In Bangalore or Chennai or Other City?

The service is currently available for Delhi and Mumbai roads as Nokia claims it has covered 1,500 km of roads across these two cities. Nokia will be launching this service in other cities too in some upcoming time but there is no time frame or deadline they revealed for that.

What You should Know as Nokia Phone User?

This new feature of real time traffic is powered by NAVTEQ Traffic Pro which is product from NAVTAQ a Nokia Owned Company, more details here. NAVTEQ Traffic works below the nokia maps layer to provide the information to Nokia maps and Nokia Drive.

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