ToolJail Helps In iPhone Jailbreaking and Unlocking

by abhishek bhatnagar on March 16, 2010

Day by day iPhone jailbreak process more complex, as Apple keep coming out with new methods and fixes to prevent jailbreaking of newer iPhone, For the non geeky users it becomes very difficult to know what procedure they should follow and which tools they should you as per the device model and firmware they have.

If you have a question in mind Why To Jailbreak iPhone ?, here is the Answer

ToolJail is a free to use tool which can provide this information to the users needed to jailbreak and unlock their iPhones. This is a computer software which can suggest users requires instructions and downloads to specific tools required to jailbreak and unlock your iphone or ipod touch.


Not only it helps you to get information around jailbreaking and unlocking but it also helps you on how to get to the DFU and recovery mode, you can even get the entire working procedure to downgrade if you have accidently upgraded to 3.1.3 with iTunes.

Moreover it has links to download almost all the tools required to jailbreak and unlock, as shown in the snapshot below.


You can also refer our jailbreaking guides here and unlocking guides here for the latest 3.1.3 firmware.

Download ToolJail | Similar Tool – F0recast

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