TaxCaster – Free iPhone App Calculate Tax And Tax Refund

by Rohit on January 27, 2010

One of the most complicated things in today’s life is to calculate your Tax liabilities and Tax returns. Even if you are a super geek, its not easy to calculate tax because of the complexities and criterions involved in taxation. Now there is a free app called TaxCaster to help you calculate your tax liability and tax refund for a particular financial year.


The TaxCaster App provides you with simple and user-friendly interface to input your income related information and other tax related information. Based on the information you enter in TaxCaster, it will calculate your tax liability / refund.


You need to enter data related to Your Pay & Withholdings , Spouse’s Pay and Withholdings, Other Income and Business Income.


Based on the data you enter in the above mentions four sections, the app will calculate the total taxes and liabilities or refund.


Get free TaxCaster App From Appstore


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