Remote Desktop To Computer From iPhone With Free TeamViewer App

by Rohit on March 6, 2010

Team Viewer is an excellent tool for remotely accessing computer. Till now it worked only between computers, but the official iPhone app of TeamViewer has brought a world of possibilities to access your computer from anywhere in the world from your iPhone / iPod Touch.


Imagine you are somewhere out at some place and urgently need to connect to your computer. Or in case you need to help out some of your family member or friend with his/her problem by accessing his/her computer remotely, this app comes very handy in such situation. Now you can simple Remote Desktop onto any computer in this world connected to Internet and running TeamViewer (of course you need credentials for that).

Here is a first hand review which I did with my iPhone and Windows 7 PC.

This is how the main screen looks with


When you connect to your PC using TeamViewer iPhone app, it shows you initial instructions which you can turn on with the toggle  at the bottom of the screen.


The instructions are pretty simple and self explanatory –

  • Drag with one finger to move mouse pointer
  • Tap one finger for click
  • Tap two fingers for a right click
  • To drag and drop or resize / move windows, double tap and then hold
  • Drag with two fingers to scroll
  • Pinch to zoom in or out
  • Shake for quick monitor switching

One really nice thing about this app is that it work in both landscape and portrait mode by detecting the motion and rotates automatically.


This is the fist look at the Computer from my iPhone. Looks pretty impressive and clean. The text is very clear and readable, scrolling is very effective and accurate and there is no problem whatsoever with typing, clicking or moving the mouse pointer.


When you tap the keyboard icon, it launches a simple qwerty keyboard, when you tap on another icon second from right on the top in screen below, it opens the additional special keys.


This is how it displays the Function keys, scroll lock, right click key, page up, page down and cursor keys which are necessary for several desktop applications. And also the very useful keys like Esc,Alt, Tab, Windows Key, etc.


This is how it looks on a full zoomed out screen in portrait mode.


The app also allows you to reboot your computer remotely. To so that, just click the tool like button at the bottom on the screen and it will show you options like the screen below.


You can go to settings and check out the session information while a session is on.  The data transferred over network, session time, etc.


To end your session, click the X mark at the bottom left and close the connection. I am totally impressed by this app and love to use it inside my home when I am in other room watching TV or spending time with family and need to access my Computer in the other room to check certain stuff.


The only and major limitation I find is that this app does not work on 3G / EDGE network and requires an Wi-Fi connection. If you have a jail-broken iPhone, you can overcome this restriction by using 3G Unrestrictor tool we reviewed earlier.

Note: TeamViewer application is free for personal and non-commercial use only.

Download TeamViewer iPhone App


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