Nokia 808 41 Megapixel Camera Hands On Review, Pictures and Video [India]

by Rohit on April 10, 2012

We got a chance to play with Nokia 808 PureView at a blogger’s meet in New Delhi India on 10th of April 2012. Nokia India organized a small blogger’s meet to have a hands on experience and demonstration of the camera capabilities of Nokia PureView 808 Symbian smartphone. The launch of PureView 808 is expected to happen in India by May 2012 as per the official information shared by Nokia India representatives. In this article, I will share some important facts about the PureView 808 as well as my first impressions on the Nokia PureView 808 Symbian Smartphone.

image – Nokia PureView 808 Symbian Smartphone

Nokia PureView 808 Facts and Special Features

I will not bore you with detailed specifications of the PureView 808 (but if you insist to see it, you can see it here). I will talk of the most important feature of this phone which is its camera. The phone we tested was running some pre-final builds of operating systems and softwares, so I will not get into the feature or software features also as thee phone we tested were not retail versions. Coming back to the camera, PureView has a 41 Mega pixel camera sensor, yes, its not a typing mistake, it is 41 mega pixels camera sensor!

Besides the camera sensor being 41 Mega Pixels in terms of pixel size, the maximum resolution of the pictures you can click with a PureView 808 is 38 Mega Pixel in full resolution mode. In default mode, the camera takes pictures in 2 or 5 or 8 Mega Pixels resolution depending on the camera settings. To take full resolution pictures, you need to go into camera settings and change it to full resolution mode. The camera sensor being quite large in size physically, also helps in taking very good pictures in low light conditions as well. There is also an up to 3X zoom supported in PureView Picture mode and 4X in 1080p Video mode, without any down-scaling, which means that a picture can be taken with up to 3X zoom or video with 4X zoom without loss of quality which is like an optical zoom (but in real it is not optical zoom in this case).

image – Nokia PureView 808 Camera Sensor and Camera unit

This is achieved with high precision assembly of high grade optics on the top of large camera sensor with a physical shutter. These lenses and arrangements are sealed to very high accuracy in the camera unit and they play instrumental role in the high performance pictures taken by PureView 808. The pictures can be taken in a number of different modes with good quality even in low light conditions. All images are automatically geo tagged with the location from the GPS information from the phone.

Now lets talk of why PureView can take much better pictures compared to a traditional mobile phone camera? The answer lies in the large senor of the camera – with a 41 Mega Pixel sensor working to create a pictures of say 8 Mega pixel, many pixels on the sensors are used to make one very precise pixel, this phenomenon is called Oversampling and the reason why these pictures are so clear and crisp. Along with it the camera also offers a very wide angle of photography.

Apart form the camera, the sound quality of the phone is also very good with support for Dolby Surround technology which creates stunning sound effects. One downside though which I see in Nokia PureView 808 is that with premium pricing (which is expected), the PureView may not be a very preferred choice since it uses Symbian OS which is not as application rich or intelligent with modern smartphone OS like the android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. But as per the information shared by Nokia team, the PureView technology will also be integrated with the newer Windows Phone 7 Series of Lumia phones in future however they did not reveal any timeline for the same. With a powerful camera like the PureView, if they provide a smarter OS like the Windows Phone 7, then buyers will hesitate less to spend they money on a device like PureView. Below are some pictures and Video of Nokia PureView 808 from Nokia India Blogger’s event. Do share your comments and suggestions below.

Nokia 808 Pictures and Hands On Video Review

video – Nokia 808 PureView 41 Megapixel Camera Phone Detailed Video Review

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