Mobile IPTV Solutions Bring TV, Time-shift TV and Video On Demand To Mobile Phones In India

by Rohit on April 1, 2011

Hasn’t the life become too fast and busy to rest at a place for long time? Aren’t we roaming around during a large part of the day? I guess the answer for these questions for most urban citizens would be yes. Be it office commute, or college commute, or any other commute, it has become a part of life for many of us. For a long time, we have been using our iPods, iPhones, other media gadgets to entertain us on the way. Technology is pushing the limits farther and farther for the information that we consume on the go!

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Imagine hundreds of live TV channels at your disposal on your mobile phone when you are commuting, not only that, you can see TV recordings for past some weeks or so! And what can be better if you add Video-on-demand to this, wherein you can order movies on your mobile phone and it plays directly on your phone in no time! Well, we are not talking of a science fiction movie here, we are talking of an existing technology which will launch soon in India by some of the Mobile phone operators.

The times are changing with the increase in performance of phones, the phones are now becoming smart phones for a very affordable budgets. Also the mobile Data technologies are changing from GPRS to EDGE, from EDGE to 3G, HSDPA, EVDO, and eventually, there will soon be the LTE and WiMax coming into picture.

In this post, I will share some insight of the Mobile IPTV technology which is ready for deployment, we even watched a live Demo at the UTSTARCOM office at Gurgaon a few weeks back. UTSTARCOM has developed a ready to deploy product which enables the mobile operators to provide these services to Mobile phone users. Its not that Mobile TV does not exist in India, there are already some Mobile TV services in India running via CDMA EVDO network by Tata and Reliance, now since 3G is rolling out on GSM networks, these services will be more readily available on GSM networks as well.


There are a variety of options available for Mobile TV technology which includes DVB which required the handset to be DVB capable and no data service from mobile service provider. This kind of transmission works on the airwaves transmission of the TV channels from Terrestrial transmitters. Since in India we hardly have any choices in the terrestrial channels, this technology is not so popular.

Other is Digital Satellite TV, which is again difficult to implement, so this technology is not popular as yet.

Mobile IP TV Technology

The third one is the technology which uses mobile data network for TV transmission. This technology does exist, but on a limited level and very limited services. The new Mobile IP TV technology by UTSTARCOM uses the mobile data network (EGDE or 3G) for running the IPTV services on the mobile phone. The IPTV is an advanced service which has features of two-way communication with the user on the go. It allows for playing previous shows which are recorded at the operator end and not on the mobile device. This saves a lot of headache for the user to record the shows and manually.

The other benefits include a variety of channels which can be switched just like you switch channels on your TV Set top box. As this is a two way communication running on an IP network, so its more robust and gives a better quality of service by adjusting the video broadcast depending on the connectivity. Also you can watch previous shows without bothering to record them. You can also order video on demand, using which you can order a movie for a long commute and watch it on your mobile phone.

To use this technology, you don’t need to buy a fancy phone, a normal coloured screen phone with decent display resolution and mobile data connectivity will be enough. Most phones these days support Java applications which you will need to install on your phone to use this service. Since this service will be provided by the Mobile operator, the application, service, channel packages and tariffs will be set by them. The launch of these services maybe sooner than you expect, sometime in 2011, as the testing is going on in full swing.


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