Logitech M600 Touch Mouse Review

by abhishek bhatnagar on August 21, 2012

Logitech M600 Magic touch mouse is no doubt one of the great innovative and user friendly mouse I have seen till date. It gives a really nice user experience as it equally supports both left and right hand users for using this mouse, it is designed in such an even way that it works equally well for any user. There are no right or left click button but that rather you can do the right or left click by pressing the mouse in any of these sides one at a time. Touch wise, it is really fantastic with a great user experience but the touch feature is limited to to vertical scrolling and horizontal swiping.



It is designed so nicely that even the small bluetooth adaptor goes inside the mouse, making the small mouse really easy to carry and much more portable.


It uses two pencil cells and a small button at the bottom side is used to power it down or up, the small bluetooth receiver goes inside the laptop or computer with which you want to use the mouse. It does not install any driver, its just great plug and play on any windows or mac os computer you are using.

User Experience:

In the beginning when you start using this mouse you may feel little unnatural the way you have seen mouse working before, but once you get used to it, you will love the mouse depressing every time you do the right or left click.


Apart form this we don’t recommend this mouse for gamers but for professionals and average consumers its really a nice cheap alternative of apple magic mouse which is way more costly than this guy.

Note: There are quite a number of times that my right-clicks would register as a left-click during our review, but once you are used to it, you will be 99% right when you do the right or left click.

You can also use your fingers vertical scrolling for a webpage or a document or even in windows explorer to scroll down through the list of files and folder, scrolling is much responsive but not very smooth and on the other hand you can swipe the finger left and right for web browser, file explorer, image gallery for doing forward and backward action.


Tracking performance is also quite accurate and fluid under normal non-reflective surfaces, we recommend you to use this mouse of dark surface with low right reflection it will make the mouse movements more accurate and faster.

Box Contents:

It comes with two AA batteries, a wireless adaptor and a m600 touch mouse and user manuals.

Logitech m600 Touch Mouse Review [Video]



  • Great design
  • Nice Touch Features
  • Compact and Light in weight 


  • No pinch to zoom
  • Not so smooth vertical scrolling
  • Not very precise in mouse movements


This mouse can be a great mouse for any one who is not going to do gaming with this, it nicely designed and give great feel in hands, suitably compact and light weight which makes it easy to carry all around.

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