iPhone 3,1 With FM Radio,HD Video Support, Better Graphics, Faster Processor, More RAM, CDMA And GSM

by Rohit on December 4, 2009

All these features will be coming soon (not very soon) to the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4G (Also called iPhone 3,1 inside Apple). The iPhone 4G will be released around July 2010 and the iPhone OS4.0 may come around March 2010 (not confirmed). The news is in the wild, and the source is anonymous, but the specifications seem tempting.


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I am FM radio fan and would love to have an inbuilt FM radio on my iPhone, so I will look forwards to the new iPhone 4G. I would also not be surprised if it comes with a front camera for video calls, although that is in my wish-list and not on any official news. But the CDMA and GSM support news is pretty much confirmed as Verizon is coming out with iPhone next year for which Apple needs to give CDMA network support in iPhone.

The phone is expected to have following additional features over 3Gs:

  • FM Radio
  • HD Video Support
  • Better Graphics (improved GPU)
  • CDMA and GSM support
  • Camera Improvements
  • Faster Processor
  • More RAM
  • Updates Operating System
  • Better Security Features
  • Improved Battery Performance

I am excited for some more details News as they break. I will keep an eye on such news and keep sharing with you. In mean while, you can just comment and share what is your wish-list from next version of iPhone ? Please share your wish list through comments below, who knows Apple team might read your comments and like to include it 🙂

Source – Limited Edition iPhone


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