iPhone OS 4.0 Official Features Confirmed By Apple

by abhishek bhatnagar on April 8, 2010

Apple has finally revealed the features and functions in iphone OS 4.0, it seems to be the most revolutionary os with some great features which will change the way iPhone used to work before.


Following are the list features confirmed by apple at apple iPhone OS Event going on right now as I m writing this post

iPhone OS 4 New Features

  • iPhone OS4 has 1500 new APIs for app developers, means thousands of new possibilities
  • iPhone OS4 has a 5x digital zoom in Camera Softwaew
  • iPhone OS4 has a playlist create feature
  • Smart Multi-tasking support without draining battery, which is biggest road-block in multi-tasking
  • iPhone OS4 has tap to focus functionality on video capture
  • iPhone OS4 allows to geo-tag photographs through default camera application
  • it has a Spell Check feature
  • it can synchronize IMAP notes with email accounts
  • it officially supports bluetooth keyboards
  • Web search suggestion
  • the iPhone home screen can have a wallpaper without need to jailbreak
  • Search within SMS and MMS
  • It Supports Nests playlists (create playlists inside playlists)
  • Photograph rotate functionality in built in the photo viewer app

iPhone OS 4 Multi Tasking Features

  • Double click home button, window raises, shows apps that are running in background.
  • Click the apps you want to swithc to and it opens that app by sending the current app to background

Note: Apple added multitasking while preserving battery life and performance by observing tens of thousands of apps in the app store and selecting the services the apps need to run in background. Apple has implemented those services, and providing those services as APIs to developers so they can add multitasking while preserving battery life

More iPhone OS 4.0 Navigation Based Features

  • Better and improved GPS
  • Recieve calls and use Navigation at the same time, as call runs in background now
  • Turning navigation / location services on and off is easier with new UI.
  • Turn on location services as per applications, no need to turn on and off for all, it saves battery.
  • Location services indicator in top status bar besides battery indicator.

Folders In iPhone OS 4.0

  • Add Folders on iPhone to organize apps better:
  • Drag and drop apps onto one another to create folders
  • The name of the folder is automatically created and you can edit it later
  • Now you can organized all your apps in folders as you like them, you can organize all games in one folder, or the most frequently used in one etc etc.
  • Group up to 9 Apps in one folder
  • Flick can upload photos in background, while you can continue viewing photos

New Email Features In iPhone OS 4.0

  • Official support for more than one exchange account
  • Email App with fast inbox switching to switch between email accounts
  • Organize email as discussion threads rather than individual mails

iBooks Announced for iPhone / iPod Touch

  • Buy your books once and read them anywhere. We’re wirelessly syncing pages and bookmarks automatically.
  • A free book- “Winnie the Pooh” for customers to get a feel of it.

Gaming Support on iPhone OS 4.0

  • 50700 Games available for iPhone, mush more than any other dedicated gaming console
  • New social gaming network added for iPhone / iPad
  • New gaming network does automatic matchmaking, finds others with a similar ability and match them against you

Mobile Advertising Platform, iAds

  • A way to make some money from free iPhone Apps
  • Free App developers can put ads provided by iAds on their Apps
  • Expected impressions from iAds – 1 Billion ad impression per day
  • iAds to focus on emotions and interactivity
  • iAds is inbuilt in iPhone OS
  • Apple will sell and host ads on its servers
  • Good News For Developers  60% of revenues generated will go to the App developers

Devices which support iPhone OS4 and its features

  • For iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd gen, they will run many things, but not everything — they will not support multitasking, the hardware just can’t do it.” as explianed by Steve
  • iPhone OS 4 to the iPad this fall

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