iPhone iTunes Store No More Requires iTunes To Open To Preview The Apps Description – Dubbed iTunes Preview

by abhishek bhatnagar on February 4, 2010

Apple has just rolled out a new feature called dubbed iTunes Preview which enables you to preview the iphone app descriptions and other details in a web page, you no longer need to have iTunes installed on your computer to open the app and read its features and description.

So, Apple activated the iTunes Preview feature for iPhone / iPod Touch applications in addition, here is a link to new iphone app of photoshop – you can find the application link at the end of this post.

From now on wards, when ever you open an iphone app link it will open up in a cool web page, rather it was used to prompt you to open it in iTunes software that needs to be preinstalled on your PC to preview the app.

Here is how an app will preview in the browser as shown in the image below.


As this features has been enabled you can now see a nice preview of app and you still have the button View In iTunes under the app icon on the page which allows you to open the app in iTunes and install it on iphone or ipod touch.

[ Source: – Tech Crunch

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