iPhone Automatic Charging, Backup Solution For Camera Pictures & Contacts – Iomega Super Hero User Review

by abhishek bhatnagar on July 16, 2011

We recently got a cool an iphone automatic contacts backup solution called Iomega Super Her which works as combination of hardware + software and backup all the contacts on your iphone and create backup file which you can restore when you need to, like in cases when you restore your iphone with a new firmware.


The Iomega SuperHero™ Backup and Charger for iPhone® lets you secure your contacts and photos plus recharge your phone while you relax. Just insert your phone in the docking station and it will automatically backup your contacts and camera roll photos and recharge your phone battery at the same time.


It’s made for Apple iPhone so you know it will work seamlessly with your phone. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can easily restore your contacts and photos from the SD card (4GB capacity) included with the device. Plus, it charges & backs up contacts and photos from the latest generation of the iPod touch® too! The Iomega SuperHero is protected by a 3-year limited warranty when you register your product.

The super hero dock can be used to charge your iphone, as well as you can plug a SD card in it.


It will store the contacts and camera roll pictures automatically every time you place your iphone in the doc.


The super hero dock is by default designed for iphone 4, but you can also connect your iphone 3g and 3gs in the dock, before you can start using it, you will need to install the software app on your iphone which will automatically run the copy operation of iphone camera roll photos and iphone contacts.


It comes with a dock, a 4gb class 4 SD card, power adaptor and different power connecting ports as per different country conventions.



The different power plug connectors comes with it, and they can be attached of detached to the power adaptor which gives the charging current to the dock.


Superhero is quite easy to use as you just need to put iphone it in the dock, and a progress bar tells you when the back-up is complete.

You will need to download an App for it to work, and you will need ios 4 as well to run the app, and the App is free on app store, you can install the app from here

iomega super hero app

We did took all the close up pictures while unboxing and using this device with its app, you can see all the photos.

Conclusion + Price Iomega Super Hero

The iomega super hero app works fine on iphone most of the time, but some times it may cause some glitches, which you can easily fix and try again, and it should work fine. Apart from this it is a great device for tension free backup of your photos and contacts without any user input required once configured.

It will cost around 70$ but which might feel costly, but the package and features like charging + automatic backup it worth the price as per the features and functions it come with it.

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