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by abhishek bhatnagar on September 12, 2012

Its almost here and will be revealed in some minutes, the new iPhone will be called iPhone 5 – we have update this page with the latest updates and news as they are out about the new iPhone 5. Stick to this page to know every possible thing about the new iPhone 5.

You will get to know on this page, what all rumours will be true regarding the new iPhone 5, so stay tuned and bookmark this page or keep it opened in your internet browser for instant updates.

Update 7:30 PM IST : The new apple iPhone 5, iPod Touch and iTunes 11 leaked before the apple event as you can see in the screen shot we took at the apple website some moments ago.
iPhone 5 Results 
As per the above snapshot of the apple site search the new iphone will be called iPhone 5 and there will be some more new devices launched today including the new iPhone Touch 5 and new iTunes 11 which will be announced with new iPhone.
Another Rumor the image below could be the new iPhone 5 cable
New iPhone 5 Cable 
Image Credit – 9to5Mac
Update 10:25 pm IST: The new leaked iPhone 5 leaked
Image Credit – [via nowhereelse.fr ]
The new iPhone Confirmed is iPhone 5
Here is how the new iphone 5 looks
iphone 5
Complete full image of new iPhone 5
the new iphone 5

LTE or 4G has been added to the new iPhone

iPhone 5 LTE

Faster A6 processor on iPhone 5 confirmed

a6 Processor in iPhone 5

Increased battery backup

increase battery time in iphone 5

Newly designed camera which remains 8 Megapixel only – but new modes added in camera and camera is smaller now in iPhone 5

iPhone 5 camera

Real photo sample taken with iPhone 5 Camera

Photo taken With iPhone Camera

Three mic’s in iPhone 5 – two with front and back camera and one at the bottom

more mics in iphone 5

The new cable 9 pin connector

9 Pin Connector 

New adaptor which will allow you to use old iphone cable with iPhone 5

adaptor for new iphone 5 for old cables

Facetime over 3G

facetime over 3g

All new features in iPhone like Retina, $g LTE, A6 processor, Better camera, More Loud loudspeaker, 9 Pin connector and iOs 6

New Features In iPhone 5

iPhone 4 GSM and CDMA

iPhone 5 4g LTE

More Louder loudspeaker and 9 Pin connector port

New dock Connector Port and Loud Speaker 

Pricing of iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Pricing

Please Note: Regarding audio connector, it will be on the top of the new iPhone 5 not at the bottom with the dock connector. 

Apple iPhone 5 Official Feature Video

Apple iPhone 5 Image Gallery

2012-iphone5-gallery12012-iphone5-gallery7-zoom (1)

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