iPad 3 or iPad 2 Which One Is Better Choice To Buy?

by abhishek bhatnagar on April 7, 2012

Yesterday I attended a bloggers meet, where one of our friend Akshay Aggarwal was sporting his new ipad aka ipad 3, unfortunately I was not carrying my ipad 2 but some other friend Himanshu was carrying his iPad 2, so I decided to compare both the iPad 2 and the new iPad aka iPad 3. Below are some differences we notice in terms of hardware and software aspects on both the devices.

As I am being asked this question from lot of my friends and followers that How iPad 3 is better than iPad 2? and What does it makes better? and Which one they should buy, if they have a choice? and the last question Is iPad 3 worth the upgrade? 


[Above Image – From Left iPad 2, The new iPad aka iPad 3, Click To Enlarge ]

iPad 3 VS iPad 2 Weight

Yes, ipad 3 is little heaver as compared to original ipad or ipad 2, you might feel it when you hold it on your hands, iPad 3 is 1.46 pounds (662 grams) around approx. 50 grams more heavier than the ipad 2 3G model. This little extra weight has been due to the 4G or LTE I guess.

iPad 3 VS iPad 2 Maximum Brightness

Definitely, iPad 3 wins here because of the great retina display with more life like colors and a much crispy display with text so clear that whatever close you bring its screen to your eyes, you can’t see the pixels. iPad 3 has much vibrant display as compared to iPad 2, which makes text to read much easier on new ipad.


[Above Image – From Left iPad 2, The new iPad aka iPad 3, Click To Enlarge ]

iPad 3 VS iPad 2 Thickness

iPad 3 is little more thicker than iPad 2, as it seems because the new 4G LTE chip and other hardware like improved camera which is now 5 megapixel in ipad 3 it has become more thicker, but it really does not make much difference.


[Above Image – From Left – The new iPad aka iPad 3 and then iPad 2, Click To Enlarge ]

iPad 3 VS iPad 2 Display

iPad 3 is much better and sharper display which is unchallenged in terms of the industry standards. 


[Above Image – From Left – iPad 2, The new iPad aka iPad 3, Click To Enlarge ]

iPad 3 VS iPad 2 Camera

iPad 3 again wins here, as it has just got a camera upgrade, it has now got the much needed camera upgrade of 5-megapixel, autofocus rear camera as compared to iPad 2 0.7 megapixel, fixed focus rear camera. Although the front camera remains the same VGA (640 x 480) camera appropriate for video calling and facetime.


[Above Image – From Left – iPad 2, The new iPad aka iPad 3 ]

iPad 3 VS iPhone 4 Camera [ Rear ]

In order to compare the rear camera of ipad 2 with our iPhone 4 rear camera we took two pictures almost similar with both the devices using the rear camera with same light conditions without using flash to see which one is better.

Taken With iPhone 4 Rear Camera [ With Camera Very Close To The Object ]


Taken With iPad 3 Rear Camera [ With Camera Very Close To The Object ]


Cannot come to final conclusion, but it looks like the photo captured with the iPad 3 is more clear and crisp even after opening both the photos on computer picture viewer. Apart  from this there are no major differences in any ipad 2 and iPad 3, you can see more pictures below which might give you a better idea.


[Above Image – From Top iPad 2, The new iPad aka iPad 3 ]


[Above Image – From Left iPad 2, The new iPad aka iPad 3, Click To Enlarge ]

Which One Is Better iPad 2 or iPad 3 ?

I think, you must have got your answer if you have seen all the aspects compared with each other above.

Which One To Buy iPad 2 or iPad 3?

iPad 3 is a better choice, if you want to buy any of these two.

Is iPad 3 Worth a Upgrade?

Yes, it is for if you are using iPad 1 but in case you are using iPad 2 as per our opinion you should better be with iPad 2 unless you have extra money to spend as there will be things you will like after upgrade but yet again it depends on you whether you are interested in those features.

In case you are interested in more detailed comparison of ipad 3 vs ipad 2 specs, see the chat below. 

Detailed Specs Compare iPad 3 VS iPad 2

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