IDEOS Android Budget Smartphone By Huawei Aircel- Detailed Review, Video, Pictures, Specifications & Features

by Rohit on June 20, 2011

There are many Android phones in Indian which are becoming more and more popular as well as affordable with the popularity of the Android Mobile OS. With more and more Apps, better Android versions and customized User Interfaces by major mobile brands, Android is becoming popular in India. Another major reason for popularity of Android devices in India is the affordability of an android phone compared to the Apple iPhone and other smartphones like Windows Phone 7 which has not even been launch in India officially as of now. In this article we will share our first hand review and views about the Aircel-Huawei IDEOS Android Smartphone in India.

Ideos India Detailed Review

IDEOS Android Budget Smartphone First Hand Review

I have used the IDEOS Android phone for a couple of days and I find it to be a very practical phone. First thing which is good about this phone is the battery life. Unlike many other Android phones which I have tested, this one has a much better battery life and standby time. The reason being the lower processor and a smaller screen. The usual activity like email checking, chatting, web surfing etc. work absolutely fine on it, but don’t expect it to do heavy multi-tasking for you as it features a moderate speed processor. For most of the day to day use, this Android phone fits well in the operational range without slowing down or problems.

Another thing which I like about the phone is the fit and finish. The phone does look very vibrant and well finished with the sleek form factor, rounded corners and a very pleasing candy shape and colours. It does not feel weak or cheap, the phone does look good in hand. The capacitive touchscreen is also very responsive and does feel quite comfortable to type and use. It does not run the latest 2.3 Version though, but works pretty fine with the 2.2.

This phone is not for performance seeking buyers as its designed to be a simple and practical budget phone for normal users who want an upgrade without burning a big hole in their pocket. It does run most of the apps from market place and the memory can be expanded to a 32GB mx limit with a micro-SD card. The physical buttons for accepting and rejecting calls are very comfortable to use and help a lot with the not-to-tech-savvy users who like physical buttons for basic use. Also the 4 way navigation dial seems comfortable for the first-time-smartphone users who want an upgrade from their feature phones.

The screen display quality is good, text is very readable, graphics are very vibrant and from no angle it looks like a cheap phone. It does give a high value for money at its budget segment, but if you are looking for a top-notch performance to run graphics heavy games, it my not be your best companion as you may need to shell out more money to buy a larger screen phone with faster processor. But for an average user not much interested in gaming, this is a very good choice. All in all, if you want a no-nonsense budget smartphone with good quality display, nice music quality and good features, IDEOS won’t let you down.

IDEOS Android Smartphone Specifications and Features

  • 2.8-inch Capacitive Touchscreen at 320×240
  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera without Flash
  • 528MHz processor
  • Android 2.2 Froyo – a Vanilla version
  • MicroSD slot for expandable memory upto 32GB
  • 3G and HSDPA connectivity
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Stereo speakers with loud voice
  • 4 Way Navigation wheel with click function
  • 4 Touch buttons as the bottom of screen
  • Two physical buttons to accept and reject calls
  • 3.5 mm standard audio jack
  • Physical Volume keys at the Left side
  • Good Battery Life
  • Bright LCD Display
  • Standard micro-USB charging + Data port
  • Practical phone at a very good budget and quality

IDEOS Android Smartphone Video Review

IDEOS Android Smartphone Pictures

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