iBlueNova On Cydia Store Soon – iPhone Bluetooth File Sharing Video Of Beta 4

by Rohit on February 11, 2010

We previously shared information about the iBlueNova – Bluetooth App To Transfer Any File Over Bluetooth For iPhone 3G / 3GS Running 3.x Firmware.


The latest update is that the MeDevil is almost ready to rollout the iBlueNova. It unlocks the Bluetooth and allows users to exchange any type of files between the iPhone and other phones / computers. MeDevil released the 4th beta release to special group of beta testers. MeDevil is silent about the release date, but its expected to be very soon.

Below is the video of almost final version of iBlueNova in action:


I am keeping a close watch on the release of iBlueNova because I myself want it for my iPhone, hope it comes soon.

Updated : Feb 15 2010

iBlueNova is Released On Cydia Store


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