How Useful Are Apps For Our Phone?

by Rohit on August 11, 2010

Are our phones considered useless without apps or is it the contrary, let’s find out.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t own a phone in today’s age. We all have mobile phones or smart phones, it’s almost like a necessity to live like breathing. Also considered a necessity; Phone Apps. Having a phone is not enough; we need to have our favorite apps in the phone. The minute we fancy an app, we need to have it otherwise life isn’t worth living, at least for the phone. As soon as we get the app, it totally makes our day and soon enough we get bored of it, and look for some other app that will entertain us again. Of course, apps don’t come cheap; some are worth their price and some aren’t. There are a few free apps available out there but paid apps sound better. We feel cooler when we have apps on our phone and not forgetting, the fun that we have playing around with it. More apps are created for iPhones but lately, there has been a variety of apps for other phones as well. Today we’ll take a look at the top phone apps and whether or not, it’s considered a necessity to have phone apps. Note that the apps are randomly listed below.

Email & Web Browsers apps

There are several alternative web browsers that can be used instead of using what your BlackBerry, iPhone or other phones provide. The same can be said for email apps; a few options are provided to the users in the form of apps where better access to email is offered to them.

Email Apps

  1. K-9 Mail
  2. Gmail 2.0.6

Browser Apps

  1. Opera Mini/Opera Mobile
  2. BOLT 1.5
  3. Skyfire
  4. Dolphin

Media Players

Alright, so phones come ready-made with its own media players. Do we really need an alternative way to listen to music or to watch videos? Some phone owners seem to think so. To have a music player app doesn’t mean that it comes with the same functions as the one already on the phone. A music player app that can do a few tricks here and there, such as arranging your favorite tracks the way you want it or any other fancy features that you might like.

Music/Radio Players

  1. Stitcher Podcast Radio 1.2.14
  2. Slacker Radio for BlackBerry 2.0.91
  3. Pandora Radio 1.1.2
  4. TuneWiki 1.3
  5. Listen
  6. Midomi
  7. DoubleTwist
  8. MortPlayer


A phone is not complete without games. What else are we going to do during our free time? There’s not one particular game that can be called a favorite, there are hundreds of game apps. In most situations, phone owners are not satisfied with the games that come on their phones; they want other options. The other options come in many other options that will only make our eyes grow bigger and bigger, not forgetting tired. Nevertheless, game apps are probably the best apps created as these apps are solely to keep us entertained and occupied.

Game Apps

  1. Doodle Jump
  2. Love Hurts
  3. Missile Command
  4. Tic-tac-toe
  5. Panoramic Guitar Suite
  6. Easy Locator for BlackBerry

IMs & Social Networks

This is a must for most phone owners as a lot of phones don’t feature the easiest apps for social networking. There are far better apps for social networking that can be obtained by paying for them or free than the ones provided on phones. Now, there are apps that feature all your social networking accounts at one shot. This is definitely easy for us without any trouble of login in and out.


  1. Nimbuzz
  2. Meebo IM 21
  3. eBuddy 3.2.1

Social Networks

  1. Bloo
  2. Facebook
  3. MySpace Mobile 1.6.2
  4. Facebook for Windows Mobile 1.0
  5. PockeTwit 76
  6. Facebook 3.03

There you have it, the most popular apps categories for phones. It’s hard to say that we MUST have these apps on our phones but these apps certainly make our days better. One thing for sure, apps makers are really making money and the demand for more apps is growing even higher every day. Thanks to the popular demand, more apps are now being created in different and new categories.

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