Guide To Use Google Buzz On Your iPhone

by abhishek bhatnagar on February 10, 2010

Google has just launched google buzz web service  which seems to twitter killer, facebook killer as it allows you to do almost anything which you can do with facebook or twitter.

It lets you share information and communicate with your friends, just like the way you do right now on various social applications, in a much cooler way. Google Buzz also provides enhanced location based services that you can use on your mobile devices.

We have already written an extensive post on what all you can do with google buzz, and another post on detailed features of google buzz

Here is video which can tell you more about google buzz

How ever google is just rolling out google buzz in gmail, they have made the iphone web app live just now. I have taken some screenshots which will explain you, how to use google buzz on your iphone

For iPhone they have launched google buzz as a web app, you need to go to in safari browser on your iphone where it will detect your iphone and redirect you to the web app.

Once you open the google buzz on your iPhone, you will see the screen page like this


When ever you try to post a comment on any other people status updates, you need to accept the terms and conditions of google buzz


Here is how you can post your own updates on google buzz


Here is how you can comment on other people updates


This is how your google buzz home profile looks like which tells you how much people you are following and how much are following you.


Here is how you can see other near by users who are using google buzz


Here is how you can set the geographic location with google buzz 

010  012  

Here is how other people profile will look like on google buzz

015 016  

Here is how your google buzz time line will look like


Here are some of people which I m following.


Here are some people who are following me


Here is how you can search and follow other people in your contact list


I am loving google buzz on my iphone, it will be our gmail soon, they are still rolling out google buzz in gmail so you will see it in you gmail soon, please give us your comments on what do you think about google buzz.

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lfom February 10, 2010 at 6:53 pm

I didn’t see anything new or exciting about Google Buzz. AOL/AIM offers LifeStream (after they bought SocialThing), Yahoo and Live Mail also offer similar stuff. If you are looking for a cool social network aggregator that has a mobile version, try

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