[Full Review] Nokia Pureview 808 – Yes, it’s a good Point Shoot Camera Replacement.

by abhishek bhatnagar on November 4, 2012

Nokia Pureview 808 is not a just a phone but its really a full fledged camera, this statement I heard from some one before I got it for review, but with time I understood why a layman person would say so as all the Pureview users I encountered bought the device for its camera and for most of them it actually replaced the point and shoot camera which is so bulky to carry when compared to Nokia Pureview 808 which is slightly heavy phone because of its 41 megapixel sensor camera which is packed inside with a great form factor.



Build and Design

Nokia Pureview 808 is designed quite nicely considering a powerful 41 megapixel sensor camera, build quality like any other smartphones from Nokia is built like a tank, feels solid in hand and can also resist any accidental slip from hands from a ground height of around 1 meter, as it did slip from my hands couple of times as the back side is matte finish as with sweat the back side of the phone becomes slippery. Nokia Pureview 808 is no doubt thicker and heaver than regular android phones but it really feels solid and the rounded curves on the phones design make it easy to slip inside your jeans pocket and you wont feel much weight once you carry the Nokia Pureview 808 in the pocket.


Screen Display

Surprisingly, Nokia Pureview 808 has 360×640 pixel resolution which is less than regular smartphones in the same price segment, however it is quite ok on eyes but when you run some apps you will see some text stretching on screen. However the display is AMOLED capacitive touch screen but some wrong coded apps may make the display crappy some times which is not the phone fault. The viewing angles of the display are quite wide and when you tilt the phone at an angle you can still easily read the text on the screen comfortably to a greater level.


41 Megapixel Sensor Camera – Yes it can replace Average Point Cameras

The back camera is most unique thing about Nokia Pureview 808  as I have never seen such camera in any smartphone till date, it can shoot at 38 megapixel max but you cant zoom when you use it on 38 MP mode as it cant scatter the pixels further.



The Carl Zeiss lens module is a xenon flash, assisted by an LED Flash so there are two flash on Nokia Pureview 808 back camera. The lens on Pureview 808 even has a ND filter which help users take picture with more natural colors, the camera hardware is supported by the software that Nokia which makes using this camera more fun, we recommend you to use it on 8 Megapixel mode which gives you the best quality for objects not far than 4-5 meters.

There is a dedicated camera key, but its not very tactile and pressing it sometimes to take a shot can be really harder and make shake the camera the photo might get blurred, so during our test we always used the on screen shutter button which can pressed quickly for quick shots easily rather then pressing the camera shutter key again and again.

Yes, for those who are thinking of using Pureview 808 should think of this option as I used Nokia Pureview 808 as default camera for taking photos during a holiday as it was much portable to carry as compared to my Cannon Powershot 150 IS and I never felt the need of using my bulky camera when I used Nokia Pureview 808.

Nokia Pureview 808 Photo Samples

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Nokia Pureview 808 records Full HD videos at 1080p@30fps, lossless digital zoom, LED light – you cant use the Xenon flash in video recording as per the phone options. Even if you do, it will make the phone really hot while long video recording and kill the battery power like anything. Zooming while recording a video is also very easy and it does record the sound very well even in very noisy environments.

Nokia Pureview 808 Video Samples

We did some videos which shows power full capability of the Nokia 41 Megapixel camera.

OS and Interface

Nokia Pureview 808 comes with Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 which is enhanced version of the Symbian operating system, it runs fairly smooth and faster on 1.3 Ghz processor of this phone. Just like other smartphones it does have notification drawer which reveals itself when you slide your finger from top to bottom on the screen.


Whenever an app is running it will show a small white color circle on the app which is running in background, the apps layout and icons are rounded and looks much better as compared to the previous versions of android. You can switch in between running apps and tasks by long pressing the Home key.


Ovi Store has 50, 000+ apps, which is not little at all, and covers a lot of ground, but most of them are with clunky interfaces and poor display of text. However the apps are quite limited you can expect very good quality of apps like iOS or android on this phone as Symbian is a discontinued platform.

Internet Browser

The Internet browser on Nokia Pureview 808 is a bit limited but does support the main functions which you would look for like tabbed browsing, pinch to zoom is good and other important, however the loading speed of web pages is also quite ok, you can find out more in the video review of the browser below.

Battery Life & Connectivity

Without any doubt I can say that the battery life on Nokia Pureview 808 is much good as compared to the other smartphones of the same segment. I have used for taking photos, uploading them on 3g, used phone for calling as well, it lasted us for 2 days with us, but please note that phone calling and receiving was minimal in this time period as compared to other tasks.


The battery backup was good most important because the OS on Nokia Pureview 808 is much simplistic with much simple features. 

When it comes to sharing internet from Nokia Pureview 808, you can easily do it with Lite version of Joikuspot which comes preloaded on the phone.


Apart from this we did not face any issue with 3g, Edge or wifi connectivity on this phone. Nokia 808 PureView also provides NFC and Secure NFC functionality which is gradually gaining more and more support in the real world and will be standardized soon in upcoming years.


Nokia Pureview 808 Tips and Tricks

Upload Photos and Images From Nokia Pureview 808 to Facebook, Twitter


  • 41MP camera, giving the ability to zoom in and still get high resolution
  • 4-inch Gorilla Glass display providing a nice screen size


  • May Feel Heavy and Bulky at Times
  • Limited number of apps average quality apps


Nokia Pureview 808 is a great phone with most awesome camera you can expect in smartphone, no smartphone in the market till now can beat the great 41 megapixel sensor camera and reproduction of colors in images. Any one for whom apps does not matter a lot and you do a simple daily tasks in your smartphone, but want the best camera in a their phone should opt for Nokia Pureview 808

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