Free Guitar Tuning Apps And Free Guitar Chord Apps For iPhone and iPod Touch

by Rohit on November 17, 2009

I am a guitar lover and I play guitar sometimes to lighten up the mood. I have a nice free guitar tuning software on my windows PC called AP Guitar tuner. There are many guitar chord websites and tutorial for computers.

When I got my hands on iPhone, I explored some guitar Tuning applications which are free on the Apple App Store. I came across some nice free guitar apps. I will share four guitar apps today. Two of these apps are for Guitar Tuning and two are for Guitar Chords.

TyroTuner by Mauvila Software – Free Guitar Tuning App

This is the best free guitar tuning app I have come across. You just need to run the app, click on the guitar pick icon on the screen and strum the guitar strings one by one, and tighten or loosen the stings till the needle in the middle reached the green zone. The app will highlight the string in blue color for which it is tuning right now.



You can go to the app store and search for TyroTuner and Install it for free


Guitar Tuner By Alvin Yu – Free Guitar Tuner

I liked this guitar tuner also, but it needs more skill to tune a Guitar using this utility. Unlike the Tyro Tuner, this app will play the sound of the string and you have to play the guitar’s same string and match the tuning by hearing it. So if you are new to guitar, you might not be able to use this app properly to tune the guitar. But nevertheless, this is a simple and free utility.


Go to the apple app store, type Guitar Tuner and select the Guitar Tuner by Alvin Yu


Chordmaster LE By Plan Waves – Free Guitar Chords Guide

Chordmaster LE is a free Guitar Chord guide by Planet waves. The Interface is beautiful and simple to use. You can select the Note and the Chords from the scroll wheels on the top of the screen. As this is a free edition, so it will not give you chords for all the frets. But this is a great and very useful app for beginners like me. Hope you will also find it useful.


To download this app, go to apple app store and search for Chordmaster LE.


TouchChords by Curios Brain – Excellent Free Guitar Chord Guide

Touch chords is my favorite guitar chords app because it is simple easy to use, will guide you how to place fingers at the frets, will also play the chords for you so that you can compare that what you are plating sounds correct or not. It also has scroll wheel at the top of the screen, where in you can select the chords and  the notes. There are some free guitar lessons also included in the app.


Click on the Fret button at the bottom right of the screen to get the finger placement hints as seen in the image below. The round shaped speaker icon at the bottom of the the screen will play the chord so that you can compare the sound of the chords. All in all I find this utility wonderful guide for guitar chords.


To download this app, go to apple app store and search for the TouchChords.


Hope you like the apps. You can request more apps if you need at our Request iPhone App Page. Leave your comments and suggestions below.


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