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by abhishek bhatnagar on December 14, 2009

In this post I am going to review the best free camera App for iPhone I have come across- GorillaCam. Well it won’t physically transform your iPhone into a digital camera, but the options you get for photography using this app on iPhone are comparable to a good digital camera.

screen-menu screen-timelapse

It had loads of wonderful features which will help you not to miss any beautiful shot you can possibly take. I am myself a photography enthusiast and love the features provided by GorillaCam.

The features include:

  1. Self Timer – To take times photos in a group.
  2. Unlimited Rapid-Fire – To click lots of shots one after another without pause.
  3. 3-Shot burst takes three quick photographs with one touch.
  4. Grid overlay – To help you place the subject at the best location based on the 2/3 rule of photography.
  5. Share photos from within the App
  6. Time-lapse takes multiple photos spaced at certain time interval that you can set.
  7. Auto-save lets you keep shooting while your photos save in the background.
  8. Bubble level takes steady, level shots every time. Works both vertically and horizontally.

screen-grid screen-delay

Above all, it all comes for free 🙂

So hurry up and download the app today from the apple Appstore and enjoy clicking !

Download GorillaCam From iTunes

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