Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Review

by abhishek bhatnagar on August 21, 2012

Yes, the age of ultrabooks has arrived and by next year this time you will see the ultrabooks all over across all the brands who use intel processors in their laptops, with the emergence of SSD and laptops without CD / DVD drive as the disc are now replaced more cheaper Flash drives. So, now we see new windows laptops without both of these, however right now SSD are not that cheap because of which Ultrabooks are right now costly, they wont remain the same anymore.

Dell-XPS 13 Ultrabook

We got the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook a month back, and since then I have been using it as my primary machine most of the time, to my surprize when I start using it and after a week I was never interested to go back and use my macbook pro on which I run windows with bootcamp. It is actually one of the best ultrabooks I have used till now. The machine which I got was Dell XPS 13 inch Ultrabook with Second Generation, core i5 processor with 4Gb DDR3 RAM and 128 Gb SSD hard disk.

Weight: Is It Really Ultra Light ?

Yes, it justify the tag of ultrabook as it was really light and thin as compared to any other windows laptop with some powerful configuration. It was that light I can hold it in one of my hand while traveling and on the go, I never actually felt it much in terms of weight.


Hardware: What About Build Quality ?

As per the price of this machine, I was expecting great build quality and what I noticed was as per my expectation like bright backlit keyboard, large touch pad, edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass over the display, and small footprint all add up to an impressive package with a great box which I one can use later on as well. With ultra light display and most part of the LID is of aluminium and WLED display with a such a great high resolution of about 1366 x 768 pixels squeezed into 13 inch display which really makes text as crisp as it can be.


Ports: USB 2.0 and USB High Speed Port 3.0 and more

On the right side you see USB 3.0 port and a mini DisplayPort with which you can connect to your display to TV or external monitor using DVI to HDMI adaptor or DVI to VGA adaptor. On the left side you have USB 2.0 port with PowerShare (which can charge your devices when the XPS 13 is in standby mode, provided it is enabled in the BIOS) and a combo 3.5mm mic and headphone jack.

Productivity: Keyboard, Touchpad and more

Keyboard keys are very nicely spaced with each other with proper size of each key which makes it easy to type on dell XPS 13 ultrabook with thin or thick fingers, the backlit keyboard really helpful to work in low light or dark environment without any light. On the other hand touchpad has been really responsive and quite large as you see in a macbook pro. What I liked most about the touchpad was it was really very rare when accidentally my palm touched and it caused the irregular mouse movements.

Upgrade To New RAM or More SSD ? 

No, you cant as both the RAM and SSD soldered into the motherboard to save space and make the machine more compact and light.

How’s The Battery Life ?

I travelled with Dell XPS for a day, With a 6-cell 47 Watt hour battery and a low voltage processor, Dell’s XPS 13 gave me more than 5 hours of battery life and in this time I used it for web browsing and edited some office files in word and excel starter both of which comes preinstalled on this out of the box.

Apart from all this we did some series of test with dell xps to check the viewing angles, resume from sleep test, boot up time test, graphics and CPU benchmark test as well, you can watch the videos below to see how does Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook performed.

Dell XPS 13 Boot Up Time Test


Dell XPS 13 Graphics Benchmark Test

Dell XPS 13 HD Video Playback and Viewing Angles Tested

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Hybrid Sleep Test

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook CPU Benchmark Test


Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook seems to be a great choice for professionals who would like a light, slim and on the other hand a fast laptop which is sufficient to help with their day to day tasks and give them great battery backup at the same time, although I must add that considering the price of this machine which starts at Rs. 80,000 INR from the basic model, it is quite premium machine to buy and not everyone can afford the same .  

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