Copy Photos From iPhone Without Using Data Cable

by Rohit on December 1, 2009

I was at my office and my iPhone data cable was at home. I wanted to copy full resolution pictures from my iPhone to my office Desktop PC.

I could do it using this way  – Send Full Resolution Pictured As Email From My iPhone

But I realized that my office desktop and my iphone are on the same network as my iPhone is connected to same network using WiFi. So I thought “why not  aceed and copy the pictures directly using FTP or SFTP ?”

The idea was fine, and I had already accessed my iPhone using FTP To Enable my GPRS Settings On My iPhone 3Gs

Here is how I managed to copy the photos from iPhone without using any data cable over Wifi.

1. Go to Cydia and install OpenSSH:

2. Download and Install WinSCP client for Windows. Run the client and connect to your iPhone using SFTP over the wifi network. The Host Name will be IP address visible in  Settings > General > Wifi > <Network Name>

username will be “root”  and password will be “alpine” for iPhone 3Gs if you have not changed the iPhone SSH password yet. We recommend to change the default password for safety reasons. See our tutorial – How To Change The Default Password In iPhone To Prevent It Getting Hanged

3. Browse to below path on the iPhone to copy the images:



Hope you find this trick useful and handy. If you don’t like to make your hands dirty, you can try a simpler method. iPhone File Share-  Share iPhone Apps using Wifi or Bluetooth


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