Take iPad Screenshot Easily

by Rohit on April 9, 2010

Do you want to capture a screenshot of your Apple iPad, well there maybe many reasons when we might like to capture a screenshot, it can be your high score on a game, can be just screenshot of an app, or anything.


Its super easy, in fact same as in iPhones, you just need to click the iPad Home button, on the bottom of the screen and the Lock button at the top of the screen together. When you click these buttons together, you will see a fade-out of screen for a split second.

This will click the full screen screen shot and will save in your iPad photo gallery. You can simply connect the iPad to the computer via USB cable to transfer the snapshots to the computer. These snapshots will be saved in the Photos along with the other Photographs.

You can also email these photographs right from the photo album if you want to share it with friends, or you can also upload it to Facebook etc using official iPad Apps.


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