Backup, Save or Copy SHSH Blobs ECID SHSH on iPhone, iPod or iPad

by abhishek bhatnagar on May 4, 2010

Apple has stopped signing the older firmware once they release the newer one, so just in case if you are not happy with the new firmware you cannot restore back to the older firmware. For the people who would like to jailbreak their iPhones, iPad or iPod Touch wont be able to restore to older firmware if they had not backed up their unique device SHSH blob or ECID SHSH

What is  SHSH blob or ECID SHSH ? For iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch ?

SHSH blob or ECID SHSH is a unique signature which is checked against Apple servers whenever you decide to restore the firmware on any of your apple device including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Once a new firmware is released, Apple stops signing the older firmware, hence making it impossible to restore back to the older firmware from iTunes.

So, it is advisable that you backup or save your device SHSH blob or ECID SHSH before you proceed for the jailbreak.

You can backup or save SHSH blob or ECID SHSH in 3 ways, either with AutoSHSH or Firmware Umbrella or directly backup on cydia servers your device might need to be jailbroken already for this with cydia installed.

Today we will tell you how to do it AutoSHSH tool by iH8snOw

1. Download AutoSHSH from here

2.  Run AutoSHSH


3. Make sure you connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in recovery mode with USB cable

How To Enter Recovery Mode

Power off your apple device and then keep pressing Power / Sleep + Home button until you see the connect to iTunes recovery screen on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

4.  Click the button on the application which says Grab my SHSH Blobs Automatically, now it will automatically upload the SHSH blobs to cydia saurik server.

5. Once it displays the message Done, your device is ready for jailbreaking 🙂

[ Via Redmond Pie

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