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by Rohit on January 27, 2010

Steve Jobs has unveiled Apple Tabled Device after much hype and excitement. People started entering the hall 15 minutes before start of the event. One of the strange things was that there were some tables and chairs on the stage.


The table and chair is the part of the presentation of the Apple Tablet by Steve Jobs.


Steve Job has just comes on stage for the event and starts talking about the start of 2010 with a new device.


Seteve talking about history of Laptops and todays laptop needs:



Steve job Unveiled Apple iPad – Official name of the Apple Tablet

ipad ipad1 ipad2

Apple iPad Features:

  • Application
  • Music
  • Videos
  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Google Maps
  • Google Earth
  • Google Street View
  • Multiplayer games over Wifi
  • First Person Shooting Game with multi-touch
  • Accelerometer Games

iPad has all you need from a usual computing device. Steve is demonstrating the iPad from the Couch which is placed on the stage to demonstrate its usability. App

iPad has the accelerometer just like an iPhone and it changes from landscape to portrait mode sensing its own position. It has a brilliant Internet browser with a large screen.

Apple iPad SDK is available for public download from today onwards.

Apple iPad Specification:

  • Half inch thin / 13.4 mm
  • 1.5 pound in weight, (approx 680 gm) for Wi-fi Model
  • 1.6 Pound in weight, (approx 730 gm) for Wi-fi Model
  • Slimmest Tablet
  • 9.7 inch diagonal screen IPS type
  • LED Backlit display with glossy widescreen
  • 1024×768 display resolution with 132 ppi
  • Capacitive multi-touch
  • 16 to 64 GB Flash storage
  • 1 Ghz A4 Processor
  • WiFi 802.11n Wifi
  • Built In Speaker
  • Built In Microphone
  • Accelerometer
  • Compass
  • 10 Hours Battery with One Month Standby
  • Eco Friendly Manufacturing process
  • Graphics card inbuilt on same chip as processor

Some Exclusive Pictures of iPad From Apple Event


ipad3  ipad4ipad5


1-27-2010 11-54-49 PM 1-27-2010 11-55-42 PM 1-27-2010 11-56-13 PM 1-27-2010 11-56-41 PM

ipad11 ipad8  ipad10 ipad9

1-28-2010 12-00-56 AM 1-28-2010 12-01-10 AM 1-28-2010 12-10-54 AM 1-28-2010 12-13-42 AM 1-28-2010 12-14-04 AM

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