Amkette Evo TV–A Smart Android Media Player, Mini Computer And Gaming Console

by Rohit on June 12, 2012

Amkette Evo TV, launched in India on 12 June 2012 at New Delhi at a market price of close to Rs. 10,000 is one of the most interesting and value for money gadgets which I have seen so far. I have seen similar products like Google TV by various brands, I have seen other media players from other brands which play multimedia on large screens, but Amkette Evo TV is one such box which provides a high value for money because of some very unique innovations. In this article, I will talk about these and share a quick hands on video which I recorded when I tested the Evo TV at the demo zone during its launch event.

Amkette Evo TV Review

First and most important innovation of the Evo TV is its controller or remote which is an Air mouse. Designed in a very ergonomically manner, it works as one stop solution to providing a wonderful user experience of a media center on the Evo TV. The controller or the remote has two capacitive touch points, a click button at the rear for convenient usage with the index finger and a touch point at front for easy usage while gaming. There is a jog dial for zooming in and out in certain application and special gaming modes. The controller has an accelerometer sensor which makes android game play experience very seamless and natural. It can bee tilted and touched or buttons on the remote can be used to play androidgamed on large TV screen in high definition!

Talking of the EVO TV itself, it is a Google TV like device which has been heavily customized by Amkette team to display local content from Indian YouTube channels using their prosperity apps which come preinstalled on the Evo TV. The user interface and the web browser have also been heavily customized and can be personalized by users as per their needs. The device can connect to USB pen drives, hard drives, memory cards as well as all network storage devices using wired or WiFi network access. It is based on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread and you can download any app or game form the Google Play store. It can play almost any media format in videos and audios and does it quite brilliantly with 7.1 channel audio support. The Evo TV is quite compact and can fit in my palm, easy to install, one power cable, one HDMI cable and speaker cable (if external speaker are used) need to be connected. It can be connected to home WiFi network and you can stream videos and music to Evo TV from your DLNA or UPnP compatible laptops, phones and other DLNA media devices.

Talking of computing applications, it can be used for basic web browsing using the controller, alternatively, an external USB mouse and Keyboard can be connected for editing office documents and other text input. You can also add a webcam to it using one of the 4 USB ports and use the Evo TV for video calling using VOIP softwares, the controller has an in-built wireless microphone which makes it easy to do a voice call. You can use social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter from android, read news on the web and video channels of the News stations, watch videos, play games, do basic computing tasks etc. on the Evo TV which is quite a good value for a device which costs just under Rs. 10,000 INR.

Talking of specifications, it is powered by an ARM Cortex A9 processor with ARM Mali 400 GPU, it has in built 4GB storage, Wi Fi, Ethernet, 4 USB ports, Up to 1080p full HD,  7.1 Channel Surround Sound Audio output, Supports 3G Dongle, Evo Share connectivity/ DLNA, Connectivity:  HDMI, DLNA, Wi-Fi®, 4 USB slots, 1 SD/MMC Card Slot,  Access data file through Samba Share on your TV, Very low power consumption.

Amkette Evo TV Hands On Video Review

Amkette Evo TV Exclusive Pictures

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