A Must Have QR Code Decoder App For Your iPhone

by Rohit on December 18, 2009

I was looking for a free iPhone app that can help read QR codes effectively. For those who don’t know what is QR code, QR is a rectangular code mush like a bar-code but the main difference is that bar code is a 1 dimensional kind of encoding while QR code is a 2D encoding.

We have earlier written about Free And Accurate Bar Code Scanner For iPhone

A Bar-code and QR code for www.getmeapp.com are shown in Image below:

getmeapp_bar_code get_me_app_qr_code

I found a free iPhone app called NeoReader by NeoMedia Technologies which reads and decodes QR Code in an Excellent way.

NeoReader is available for free on Apple Appstore. NeoReader tool is very effective and accurate in decoding QR codes and its very simple to use.


Simple tap on scan button to click the picture of the QR code


Once you click the Picture of QR Code, click on use button to decode the QR code.


Within a couple of  seconds it will decode and will give you an option to directly browse to the page if it detects that the QR code is actually a URL.


Just tap the continue button and NeoReader will open the website for you on the Safari browser. I loved this feature of directly going to the link from its QR code.


I recommend that its a must have QR Decoder app for iPhone users.


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