7 Steps to To Jail-break iPhone 3GS Running 3.1.3 Firmware With Sn0wbreeze

by Rohit on February 5, 2010

Apple recently released iPhone Firmware 3.1.3 for iPhones, soon after that Redsn0w released its version Redsn0w 0.9.4 To Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3 Firmware, but with the limitation that it can only Jailbreak only iPhone 2G and some older models of iPhone 3G.


Now Snowbreeze has released its latest tool Sn0wbreeze V1.3 which can jailbreak iPhone 3GS with older basebands (non-MC model). This version is only for iPhones and not for iPod Touch. For older generation iPod touch, you can still use the Redsn0w 0.9.4 To Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3 Firmware.

Steps to Jailbreak iPhone 3Gs running Firmware 3.1.3

Caution : This tool will only work for iPhone 3GS non-MC models.

1. Download the iPhone 3.1.3 Firmware and save it in a folder on desktop for easy access. Name the folder as jailbreak.

2. Download the Sn0wbreeze tool and save it in the same folder.

3. Ensure that you are running latest version of iTunes.

4. Sync your iPhone with iTunes to ensure that you have all the data backup of your iPhone before proceeding.

5. Using the iTunes, restore your iPhone to the latest firmware 3.1.3 if you have not done that already.

6. Run the Snowbreeze tool you downloaded and saved in the jailbreak folder in step 2. Start it in simple mode and browse to the .ipsw file that you downloaded in jailbreak folder in step 1 and proceed with the tool. Snowbreeze will patch the .ipsw file and will create a jail-broken firmware file. Let Snowbreeze finish the patching.



7. Connect your iPhone to iTunes, press the shift key on keyboard and click on Restore button on the iTunes. iTunes will ask you to locate the .ipsw file, locate the file in the jailbreak folder and proceed. This may take a while for the iPhone to restore on this custom patched firmware, be patient and let the restore complete.

If you have not made any mistake in steps above, you now have an iPhone 3GS, jail-broken on firmware 3.1.3

NOTE: These steps may brick your phone if you make mistakes, be careful and do it at your own risk. This tutorial is meant for testing purpose.


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