2012 Acer Series Of Ultrabook And Notebooks With 3rd Gen i-Series Intel Processors

by Rohit on June 15, 2012

Acer has unveiled its new 2012 series of Ultrabooks and Notebook PCs in India on 14th June 2012 in India. These new laptops and ultrabooks are powered by 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation of Intel Core i-series processors. The third generation ivy bridge architecture processors are much more power efficient and help deliver high performance and battery life. Acer unveiled a full range if new netbooks, notebooks and ultrabooks in S, M, V3, V5 and E series with a total of 30 new models or variations. The prices of the E series start at Rs. 24749+tax and goes higher for other series which come with higher feature sets and specifications.

2012 Acer Laptop New Series India

The S series is the top end Ultrabook with slimmest form factor and most attractive design compared to the rest of the products in this series. All the products have been designed and targeted towards different target customer groups, like the entry level models are targeted more towards educational purposes, students and home users while the Mid range is for more demanding computer users, gamers and professionals. The high end laptops like the M and S Series are targeted to customers who are very style conscious and have high needs for portability and need a high performance all-round laptop.

Acer has put some interesting design elements and special features like long life 1000 recharge cycle Lithium-polymer battery in some of its high end models. It has used its backup technologies in almost all series to keep the data safe for users. In terms of usability, there has been special emphasis on the quality of display, webcam, heat dissipation, ergonomics, ease of use like nullifying palm-touch movements on touchpad while typing (a common problem), increase in battery life by using newer technologies etc.

Acer has also introduced up to Dolby sound version 4 for some of these laptops for superior audio experience, headphone-mic combination port for use of mobile type headsets on notebooks, rich colours on display, good quality of touchpads and keyboards etc.

Below are some of the pictures and Videos of the popular products from the new series.

Acer S Series Ultrabook Pictures







Acer M Series Ultrabook Pictures






Acer V Series Notebook Pictures





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